Season 5 Episode 22

Getting to Know You

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 20, 1999 on NBC

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  • Lost boy gets found.. and many other things get to conclusion...

    A beautiful episode... It starts with Kerry finding a little lost boy. The boy is not responding and she takes him with her. It is found out that the boy has more serious condition than it looks.

    Lucy is not having best day. She is late, then humiliates herself on front of the Romano and it gets only worser. She is off her medicine and it is not working. Finally she gives up and takes the bill. Jeanie is becoming closer with the officer again. And she is quite scared when it comes out that there is shooting and one officer is wounded. She is so scared but also learns much for her and about herself.

    And finally.. for the end.. we see that Greene and Corday is getting closer.. it was beautiful episode.. but.. as a season final.. not so charming. Some episode before it were much better.
  • You see, I liked this episode very much but as a series finale it was nothing special.

    I enjoyed Kerry's story-line with the little boy, it helped to humanise her and allowed us to see into her a bit more - her worry that the boy has abandoned due to his disability reflected in her own adoption.

    Carol's party was sweet too, it's lovely that a hospital comes together for each other.

    Jeannie and Reggie were also looking promising, and I liked her philosophy about life's obstacles.

    Also, this episode showed a great relationship between Mark and Elizabeth. While I never would have even considered them as a potential couple in the past, it seems they go nicely together.