Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 1996 on NBC
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Doug and Carol man the Healthmobile, a roving medical van that caters to the homeless. Benton tries to be more warm and friendly towards children, even taking a group of hospitalized youngsters trick-or-treating, ending by standing on his head in the hallway. Gant demands more respect from Benton. Mark anxiously waits for Susan to return from vacation.moreless

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  • But a good filler episode :D

    It seems that every season starts badly for Carter and one by one he is getting better. This episode really shows what he is - he is very good with kids and he cares. I think he is finally finding his place and settling down.

    I just cannot get out of my mind how caring he was with that little girl and those words the other doctor said. Children always know. It is, i think back to my childhood. There was never need to deliver the bad news - in cases like this, I just knew.

    Susan is back and I really wonder how long this is going to be? It is too obvious and I think this storyline has been up for not only this season but last one two and they made nowhere then. Does this time it end better?

    Carol and taking physics class - I was almost sure that this nurse do not want to become doctor (as Abby later will be) but I was wrong. So I am more and more thinking that Abby was just somehow replacing Carol and they continued with things planned to her (or I can be totally wrong too)moreless
  • A very 'obvious' episode.

    I call this episode 'obvious' just because of the general easy to predict nature of the entire thing.

    Firstly, it seems growingly obvious that Abby Keaton and Carter will have a 'thing' i.e. that there will be some personal fondness in their relationship!

    It was also obvious that the husband helped his wife to commit euthanasia, though, did Jeannie and Maggie officially report him or not?

    Equally obvious was the fact that Susan would NOT appreciate the orange flowers! Though, I'm sure if Mark had professed they were from him to her she would have been so flattered by the gesture that the colour and type wouldn't have mattered (and am I alone in thinking they were quite sweet?).

    Lastly, it was obvious that Benton's been giving Gant a hard time just because of the colour of his skin. I find that just horrible on Benton's part! Ok, Gant might face a hard time but it should be up to him to decide how he wants to confront that. It is not fair for Benton to only criticise outstanding work and set his own choices on to another man.

    Anyway, all in all a good episode. The story of the ghost was entertaining though I would have liked to have seen slighlty more of the health-mobile with Doug and Carol.moreless
William Schallert

William Schallert

Mitchell Jennings

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Chris Edwards

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Gina Gallego


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Abraham Benrubi


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Jorja Fox

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John Aylward

Dr. Donald Anspaugh

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    • Doug: Jerry, who put me in that damn Healthmobile?
      Jerry: Our very own Anspaugh.
      Doug: It's Halloween. Every freak in the city will be out there.
      Jerry: Not true. Half of them are here already.

    • Keaton: Keeping the baby calm for examination is half the battle. Some doctors have an instinct for it, a natural affinity for children. You, Dr. Benton, might want to get some props.

    • Doug: You know what? I'm not going to say anything about that physics book.
      Carol: Oh, God, it was probably a stupid idea anyway.
      Doug: Hey, if that's what you want to do... If I can make it, anyone can.
      Carol: Thanks.

    • Jeanie: (to Al) A man came in today. He sat there and watched his wife die, and he helped her to die, because she was in so much pain, and he loved her. (gets angry) But we didn't have that kind of marriage, did we, Al. We didn't love, we didn't cherish, we didn't respect. And now you've killed me!

    • Jerry: Dr. Greene, I'm going to remind you one more time...
      Mark: I'm on my way. I'm going to take Susan with me for protection.
      Susan: Protection from what?
      Mark: Ghost up on the fifth floor.
      Susan: Why do we have to go up there?
      (both step into the elevator)
      Mark: Guy gorked off. I have to pronounce him. You're not scared, are you?
      Susan: Of course not.
      (the lights go out and the elevator stops)
      Susan: ...Mark?
      Mark: Susan?
      Susan: Oh good, you're still there.
      Mark: Where would I go?
      (Susan gives a nervous laugh)

    • Gant: Benton hates my guts.
      Carter: No, I think he likes you. He just has difficulty showing it.

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