Season 1 Episode 2

Going Home

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Carol Hathaway preparing to return to work after her suicide attempt. Her mother doesn't feel as sure as Carol that it's time to go back. When Carol enters the hospital there is a flashback of her entering the hospital after her suicide attempt. Ross has told everyone to be sensitive around Carol but she makes the first jokes about the incident at her own expense. Greene is glad to see Carol back again and says to her, "you may have doubts about being back, but none of us do."
Ivan the liquor store owner is back again after being shot in his store. Again Benton treats him. Lewis clashes with cardiologist Dr. Kayson when he disagrees with her decision to treat Mr. Flannagan, a patient who has suffered a heart attack, medically rather then surgically. There is a case meeting later in the day, and though she asked Greene to support her, he sides with the "slicers and dicers." It later transpires that surgery was never needed.
A mysterious woman is found wandering the corridors. She wakes up Benton and we find out that the she is actually Carter's patient. He suspects Alzheimer's disease, but is unsure how to proceed with an exam to test her mental state. Dr. Div Cvedic is called down and the diagnosis is confirmed. The woman is later identified as Mary Cavanaugh. Mrs. Packer is being treated by Lewis and Hathaway. She is severely anemic but refuses a blood transfusion, saying that she has to make it to her granddaughter's christening. After collapsing on the way out of the hospital she finally agrees to the treatment, but insists that she will leave straight after the transfusion. "Life may have given up on me, but I'm not giving up on it."
Ross confides to Greene that he regrets breaking up with Carol, and he later manages to catch a coffee with her. He tells her he wants to start seeing her again, but Carol thinks he just feels guilty and tells him that he was not the reason for her suicide attempt. She goes on to say that she is now happy with John "Tag" Taglieri. Ross goes on to make one last plea: "What we had, is it worth another chance?" Carol replies "You thought what we had didn't work, remember?" [This recap needs to be finished, and you are just the person to do it!]
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