Season 1 Episode 2

Going Home

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 1994 on NBC

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  • Carol first day back..

    Carol is coming back... and she has not lost her humor but it is not easy for her - she has to accept what she tried and now everyone are somehow different with her. It is not easy ... Doug tries to find a way to talk with her and finds that she is seeing someone else and she is not interested in him. It almost breaks his heart.

    Carter is dealing with old lady who sings and have some problems first but the lady and her story, the beautiful voice - it really moves.

    And also there is another old lady who makes Carol to understand that she has right to live.
  • Carol's ER

    A very nicely, well written mostly Carol-centric episode.

    It's her time to go back to the ER, she isn't completely over it yet and keeps having flashes of it. I really like Carol, she's very sweet and down-to-earth. Kind of like 'the original heart of the show'. This is also the episode that introduces her relationship with John Tag. The character I most hated the first season.

    Meanwhile, poor Susan starts screwing up at work and no one backs her up. Carter keeps sleeping around with a hooker and Mark Greene tries to help an Asian family from an abusive father. Pretty nice - basic ER. no masterpiece, but very enjoyable anyway. I liked the singing lady a lot. Sweet.

    The end of the episode was also nice, a welcome party for Carol. Sweeeeeeeet.
  • Carol returns to work in the shadow of her attempted suicide, Mark treats a suspectedly abused mother, and Carter treats a mysterious woman with a flair for music. (Rosemary Clooney)

    Carol makes her return since being rushed into the ER in a suicide attempt, determined to get past that chapter in her life. Carol shares a few awkward moments with Doug, after Doug finds that Carol is now dating Dr. John Taglieri.

    Mark attends to a mother who allegedly "fell down the stairs"... but it is found that this is no accident. The mother's son comes forward, telling Dr. Greene that his father abuses his mother. When the father reaches the ER, the boy's story changes, fearing for the worst.

    And finally, Carter has his hands full with "Madame X" (Rosemary Clooney), a woman suffering from Alzheimers, who is full of musical talent - and let's it be known.

    The episode ends with the entire staff gathered in the lounge to wish a welcome back celebration for Carol. A very warm satisfying ending to a special episode of ER.
  • "Get your kicks on Route 66" sings Mary Cavanaugh, played by Rosemary Clooney. Dr Susan Lewis makes a decision to use TPA vs angio plasty causing a conflict with a cardiologist that develops over the season.

    Nurse Carol Hathaway awakes in the morning to return back home to the ER. She is welcomed by everyone and even jokes about her return "anyone see the barbituate tray that disappeared?" While Doug tries to rekindle his relationship, he soon realizes that Hathaway is in another relationship with "Tag" played by Rick Rossivich. Lewis tries to encourage an elderly woman to stay in the hospital while Rosemary Clooney wonders around the ER singing classic hits from the roaring 20's, 30's and 40's. A warming surprise reception awaits Carol at the end to welcome her back to the ER.
  • Carol return to work after her attempted suicide. Rosemary Clooney guest stars.

    In this episode Carol return to work after trying to kill her self with an overdose of pills.
    This is the first time Carol meets Carter.
    Doug asks Carol if there is a chance for them she tells him no. She is currently dating Tag.

    Susan feels that Mark should have backed her up in a conference with Morganstern, and some surgeons.

    Carter spends the day with an elderly woman who suffers from dementia, and loves to sing.

    Mark tends to a woman. who doesn't speak English, whom he suspects has been abused.

    The staff surprises Carol with a welcome back part and home made gift.