Season 1 Episode 2

Going Home

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 1994 on NBC

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  • Carol returns to work in the shadow of her attempted suicide, Mark treats a suspectedly abused mother, and Carter treats a mysterious woman with a flair for music. (Rosemary Clooney)

    Carol makes her return since being rushed into the ER in a suicide attempt, determined to get past that chapter in her life. Carol shares a few awkward moments with Doug, after Doug finds that Carol is now dating Dr. John Taglieri.

    Mark attends to a mother who allegedly "fell down the stairs"... but it is found that this is no accident. The mother's son comes forward, telling Dr. Greene that his father abuses his mother. When the father reaches the ER, the boy's story changes, fearing for the worst.

    And finally, Carter has his hands full with "Madame X" (Rosemary Clooney), a woman suffering from Alzheimers, who is full of musical talent - and let's it be known.

    The episode ends with the entire staff gathered in the lounge to wish a welcome back celebration for Carol. A very warm satisfying ending to a special episode of ER.
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