Season 5 Episode 9

Good Luck, Ruth Johnson

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 1998 on NBC

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  • Carol has hard case and it is not easy to solve...

    100th episode.. really? It does not so much.. but it is...

    the main and the best part of this episode is Carol and a case of two young boys.. One of them is brought in as he was hitted by the car. He asks if anyone knows what happened with his friend. It first look like those two kids were victim of some bad man but the outcome is even more shocking - the one boy killed the other. And why? because he wanted those shoes. But the way the story is portrayed and how Carol comes step by step closer to the truth - it really gives so much for the episode.

    The other main storyline is about Carter being a tour guide for a woman who born 100 years ago in that hospital. It is nice and symbolic but nothing special.
  • Dr. Romano sniffs Dr. Corday's hair! Carol and Ross deal with a very touching issue. Dr. Carter has an interesting story line. Enjoy the tantilizing possibilities with Mark.

    Dr. Corday gets hugged and sniffed by Dr. Romano. Dr. Romano's desire for Elizabeth is a storyline that the writers toy with throughout Dr. Romano's tenure at the hospital. Can't really blame him. She is very attractive and quite the personality. It is interesting to see her deal with professional issues.

    Dr. Benton deals with issues about his son. This storyline is developing well.

    Dr. Doyle has a bit part. At least she is in this episode. There have been episodes in which they mention her, but we never see her.

    Carol and Doug have an interesting storyline. It is nice to see Carol deal with the patient.

    Mare W. is a great actress. It was nice to see her as a recurring star in this series. I am glad Mark is dating in his own class again.
  • I really enjoyed this episode.

    Carol tries to bond with the little boy and side with him but then she finds out that he killed his freind. That was sad. I liked the part when Doug and Carol were talking about raising kids, teaching them all you know, and then wishing them good luck! or something like that. Then the baby at the end just made the whole episode fit together. Naming her Ruth Jonson, and then Carol wishing her good luck. I liked it alot!
  • What a good lie but I don't think they boy fully understands, he is just worried about getting in trouble from his dad.

    Carol treats a boy who was hit by a car and his friend was shot in the process. This boy makes up a good story but we later find out that this boy needs some serious help because I don\'t think he really realises what he has done.

    Dr. Corday is a very strong woman and this is shown as proposes radical changes in scheduling at a conference. I think she holds a valid point for safety of patients.

    I am also glad to see that she decides to break off her relationship with Benton. I don\'t think he really treated her right because he is so caught up with himself and his problems.