Season 14 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2007 on NBC

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  • Personal to Abby... and she is not taking care...

    Joe gets hurt in park and Abby freaks out what is totally normal and she is so so worried and does not see a problem with patient where it was. Luckily there are Morris who saves the situation. Abby has to follow Joe for many treatments and test but he is all right but Luka is not answering and she just feels like everything is falling apart, I afraid.

    Neela has troubles with Kathy who is back and she is still blaming Neela for what happened with Ray.. yes.. Neela is back.

    Oh.. it was totally avarage episode.. nothing too special. Morris and that boy and green monster was funny.
  • Great dramatic story for Abby. Well played by Maura!

    Sweetest scene: Abby trying to calm Joe down by showing him Luka's photo book.

    Most emotional scene: Abby can't watch Joe being sedated, and it seems like she's really losing it, but Sam tries to calm her down by telling her about Alex.

    Best line: Pratt to Abby: "You're not alone." Welcome back: Great to see Neela back at work, and that Ray isn't forgotten.

    Good guy of the week: Pratt helping old ex-footballplayer Willie Archibald to get monthly inartricular injections while waiting for a hip replacement.

    Silly stories: Mrs Fratelli giving the staff make-overs and makes Abby look like Farrah Fawcett. Later Morris, in the middle of having a facial treatment, frightens a kid afraid of ghosts.

    New staff member: Javier, the desk clerk.

    Revelation of the week: Gates tells Neela why he calls her "Mayday" (it's his favourite Bond-girl, Grace Jones). Most dramatic scene(s): Abby has a car accident on her way home. Watching this scene I thought my heart would stop! But, obviously, no serious damage was done and she made it home. Later, seeing Neela's wine bottle, she is tempted to drink! --- No, Abby!!! Don't do it!!!!!
  • Did you remember that episode where Ella has an overdose?

    When I watch this episode, I remember that one where Dr. Greene and Dr. Corday are treating Ella, with overdose. It was superb, so perfect!!! The girl was blue!!! It was so real!
    And now, 6 years after, Joe come into the ER!
    I have a flashback!!!

    And...what a episode for Abby, huh?
    Your hair was!!!hahahahha
    After, your son arrived in the ER, with blood in your head...
    Poor Abby...poor Joe...Poor nanny(!)...Poor Luka!!!!!!
    Well, I just love this episode!!! It was perfect!
    I want more flashbacks like this one!

    Ahh...Here (Brazil)...all ER fans want:
    We want blood in ER, we want mess in ER!!!
    Please producers and writers!!!
    Don't let this PERFECT show so poor!!!
  • What goes up, must come down......

    Gravity. The force that holds us in place. Keeps us from floating away. The ER was bubbling with the idea of make overs and poor Abby was the first to reappear with a dreadful 80's type feathering around her face. Have to wonder how they talked Maura into it. Heh. Abby was already on edge with all the teasing when the nanny brought Joe into the ambulance bay after a fall on the playground. Er is playing with their tme space warp again and I have an issue with that. How in the heck could a kid with a bloody head injury NOT arrive in an ambulance?? Wouldn't any nanny worth her salt know that you shouldn't move someone who lands on their head from a 6 foot fall?? It was nice to see the ER team rally around Joe...and her....even if she didn't seem to feel it. Nice work by Sam tonight. Sharing her thoughts about raising kids with a distraught Abby waiting in another room as Joe was given an IV line. Pratt was good too..reassuring her that she wasn't alone. Other patient stories played out well. Gates took his ICU kid to a Cubs game and set up a nice attraction with the kid's mom. Hope she comes back at some point. They looked good together. Pratt's football player was the 'issue of the week' as an aging exfootball player with pain and money issues. Morris was a stitch giving a kid green m&ms as a boogeyman placebo and then appearing in makeover get up looking every bit like the boogeyman the kid had described. Hee. And poor Abby. Joe's accident and MRI worries. She misses a 6 cm kidney tumor in a patient. She crashes the car when trying to reach Luka on the phone...again. No wonder she eyed that bottle of wine left behind by Neela. My heart was sinking when she was going through the drawers looking for the corkscrew. Sigh. This is the story line she has wanted. The issue she felt that hasn't addressed. An alcoholic relapse. It's the beginning of the end for Abby, Maura Tierney and ER. Makes me sad. But else can they possibly do???