Season 6 Episode 8

Great Expectations

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 1999 on NBC

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  • Carol's labor...

    This episode.. The way it was shown... they it was done.. and the way it is special for us as Carol has been of the characters who we have had from the first season. And as she is the first one meeting Abby.. in so many ways later, it feels like Abby is replacing her... and making true Carol's dreams..

    It was just so beautiful episode. Luka was again playing hero - is arrival to the ER.. stylish... And yes, Elizabeth most have had her most interesting thanksgiving ever.

    And the trouble with the second child.. and the operation. I was almost afraid for a second that she may not come out. Great episode.
  • Carol has her twins! Carol meets the nurse that will replace her...the nurse that DOES become a doctor.

    Wonderful episode. Carol and Luka deal with the labor. Since Luka replaced Ross as the show heart-throb, it seems appropriate. There is a continuous possibility that Carol and Luka will get together. Now we know that there is another nurse in Luka's future... Abby. The future Dr. Abby Lockhart...and a mother of a baby out of wedlock. (Abby Lockhart does better in medicine than she did in radio....)

    It was interesting that Dr. Greene's father, David, is introduced to the series about the same time that Dr. Lawrence, Dr. Weaver's male role model leaves the series. Wonder what that was about.

    Love the scenes between Dr. Elizabeth Corday and the Greene family.
  • Great expectations result in Tess and Kate, Carol's babies arriving at County on Thanksgiving.

    Finally the day for Carol to deliver is upon us – and what drama! The hero of the start is Luka, who sees her on the El and safely delivers her to the ambulance bay, literally carrying her until he drops. The first baby is delivered by Kerry in the ER, much to Carol’s annoyance, she wanted to go straight upstairs. Then Abby (ob nurse) supports the cord to save the second baby, before an emergency C section. And finally Mark, taken from his Thanksgiving dinner with Elizabeth, Rachel and his father, stops Coburn performing a hysterectomy and thereby saves her uterus to bear future children. The babies are both girls and Carol names one Kate after Mark’s mother’s middle name, Catherine, the other one is Tess. We are left believing that she is about to call Doug with the news.
    Malucci diagnoses a patient for Carter, with Jamaican sickness and then has to explain that he did his med schooling in Grenada, as his results sucked. Not that really surprises anyone!
    Elizabeth is lovely with Mark's family and has to be 'Mom' when Rachel's period starts unexpectedly and she has nothing in the house. I think that it was a great reminder to all Moms to be prepared early!! and completed the circle with the babies born unexpectedly at the beginning.
  • A memorable episode.

    I loved the 'before the credits start rolling' section of this episode. Heavily pregnant Carol wakes, gets ready, trudges into work, drops a pie, only to find she isn't needed and starts her journey home all to the pleasant backdrop of some gentle music. Right from the beginning we were subject to Carol's pregnancy and light humour in the form of a stray dog delighting in the dropped pie, "At least somebody's enjoying it!" remarked generous Carol.
    Soon though, the gentle mood is...well, the mood remains yet labour descends. Which allows our knight in shining armour, Doctor Kovac to come to the rescue, helping Carol from El to hospital, even carrying her in his arms at one point to eventually collapse in the snowy ambulance bay crying "Kerry!!!" Brilliant!
    Sadly, Luka remains distant from the birthing procedure from hence forth in the episode, leaving that pleasure to the newly introduced Abby Lockhart and Mark Greene. Abby, in her first introduction, surprised me. Looking at this light, happy young nurse I could never have imagined her dysfunctional future character and unsettled background. But I certainly liked her in this episode!
    Also in the episode: Elizabeth copes with Mark's family, which was quite a nice change of scenery from Carol and her twins (and may i say I liked the fact that the twins were delivered in separate locations, this allowed for maximum character usage).
    A little predictable were the anti-British remarks of Mark's father and daughter, but delightful was the way Elizabeth responsed - some very witty remarks!
    "The pilgrims came here to escape persecution by the British"
    "And then started to persecute the Indians"
    Elizabeth - score, more likeable by the episode!
    So, all in all, a lovely episode, full of the adorability of new life and the pleasures of great characters. Thank you, ER!
  • unforgettable

    Right from the beginning, it was clear that this would be a great episode. Whenever I hear that song, I'll always think of this episode. I've always respected Carol, but this episode makes me realize what a great person she was. I also was impressed with Dr Greene in this episode. I was afraid for Carol, I thought that she might die, but it did create a great dramatic ending. Dr Greene faces a dilemma between his family and his commitment to Carol. Of course he couldn't anticipate what happened with Rachel. This was a great Thanksgiving episode, and one of the best episodes ever.
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