Season 6 Episode 8

Great Expectations

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 1999 on NBC

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  • A memorable episode.

    I loved the 'before the credits start rolling' section of this episode. Heavily pregnant Carol wakes, gets ready, trudges into work, drops a pie, only to find she isn't needed and starts her journey home all to the pleasant backdrop of some gentle music. Right from the beginning we were subject to Carol's pregnancy and light humour in the form of a stray dog delighting in the dropped pie, "At least somebody's enjoying it!" remarked generous Carol.
    Soon though, the gentle mood is...well, the mood remains yet labour descends. Which allows our knight in shining armour, Doctor Kovac to come to the rescue, helping Carol from El to hospital, even carrying her in his arms at one point to eventually collapse in the snowy ambulance bay crying "Kerry!!!" Brilliant!
    Sadly, Luka remains distant from the birthing procedure from hence forth in the episode, leaving that pleasure to the newly introduced Abby Lockhart and Mark Greene. Abby, in her first introduction, surprised me. Looking at this light, happy young nurse I could never have imagined her dysfunctional future character and unsettled background. But I certainly liked her in this episode!
    Also in the episode: Elizabeth copes with Mark's family, which was quite a nice change of scenery from Carol and her twins (and may i say I liked the fact that the twins were delivered in separate locations, this allowed for maximum character usage).
    A little predictable were the anti-British remarks of Mark's father and daughter, but delightful was the way Elizabeth responsed - some very witty remarks!
    "The pilgrims came here to escape persecution by the British"
    "And then started to persecute the Indians"
    Elizabeth - score, more likeable by the episode!
    So, all in all, a lovely episode, full of the adorability of new life and the pleasures of great characters. Thank you, ER!
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