Season 6 Episode 8

Great Expectations

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 1999 on NBC

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  • Great expectations result in Tess and Kate, Carol's babies arriving at County on Thanksgiving.

    Finally the day for Carol to deliver is upon us – and what drama! The hero of the start is Luka, who sees her on the El and safely delivers her to the ambulance bay, literally carrying her until he drops. The first baby is delivered by Kerry in the ER, much to Carol’s annoyance, she wanted to go straight upstairs. Then Abby (ob nurse) supports the cord to save the second baby, before an emergency C section. And finally Mark, taken from his Thanksgiving dinner with Elizabeth, Rachel and his father, stops Coburn performing a hysterectomy and thereby saves her uterus to bear future children. The babies are both girls and Carol names one Kate after Mark’s mother’s middle name, Catherine, the other one is Tess. We are left believing that she is about to call Doug with the news.
    Malucci diagnoses a patient for Carter, with Jamaican sickness and then has to explain that he did his med schooling in Grenada, as his results sucked. Not that really surprises anyone!
    Elizabeth is lovely with Mark's family and has to be 'Mom' when Rachel's period starts unexpectedly and she has nothing in the house. I think that it was a great reminder to all Moms to be prepared early!! and completed the circle with the babies born unexpectedly at the beginning.
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