Season 6 Episode 8

Great Expectations

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 1999 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In gratitude to Mark for being her birthing partner, Carol decides to name one of her babies after his mother. Upon learning that Mark's mom is named "Ruth," she hesitates, and Mark says that her middle name is "Katherine." Carol breathes a sigh of relief and says she likes "Kate."

    • When Luka finds Carol in active labor on an El platform bench, he helps her down the stairs to street level. This is odd, because on the platform they were right next to an operable elevator.

  • Quotes

    • (about Elizabeth)
      Rachel: Is she pretty?
      Mark: Yes, she's pretty.
      Rachel: Prettier than Cynthia?
      Mark: Different kind of pretty.
      David Greene: Beauty is overrated.
      Mark: I said she's pretty. Jeez.

    • David Greene: No football?
      Elizabeth: We can play charades.

    • Carol: Don't pull the damn cord!

    • Mark: You hanging in there?
      Carol: It's brutal, Mark.
      Mark: One down, one to go.
      Carol: Uh-uh. I quit.
      Mark: I don't think you have much of a choice.
      Carol: Well, you know, you could shoot me.
      Mark: Yeah, if it comes to that.

    • Carol: Does this phone make long-distance calls?
      Abby: Where do you want to call?
      Carol: Seattle.

    • Dr. Coburn: (as she walks into the room) Carol Hathaway... Oh, Carol, it's you! (she notices Mark) Mark, I had no idea. Congratulations.
      Carol: No, he's my Lamaze coach.

    • Carter: You did a rotation in Grenada?
      Malucci: No, Sherlock, I went to med school in Grenada.

    • Malucci: ...known as JVS.
      Carter: JVS?
      Malucci: Jamaican vomiting sickness.
      Carter: Jamaican vomiting sickness?!
      Weaver: Look it up, John.

    • (after David Greene slips on the ice and hits his head)
      Elizabeth: Do you know what time it is?
      David: Yeah-time my ten-year-old granddaughter started her period!

    • Abby: How are you feeling?
      Carol: I am in love with the epidural man.
      Abby: Some people call him an anesthesiologist.
      Carol: Oh, he will always be the epidural man to me.

    • Abby: You know, I wouldn't repeat this outside the room, but you owe your friend your future children.

    • Carol: Can't I just have the babies here?
      Luka: If you want to make the news.

    • Rachel: The pilgrims came here to escape persecution from the British.
      Elizabeth: Yes, so they could go about persecuting the Indians.

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