Season 6 Episode 3

Greene with Envy

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 1999 on NBC

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  • Shooting... new attending... Kovac on action... busy day

    This episode really had the action and motion. First it just looked like just another episode, but this episode really had the excitement. The patient is brought in and it comes out his cousins were the shooter. He tries to escape and there is shooting on ER. No one is hurt but it is much action. Everyone is trying to get out of the bullets but only Benton runs in the middle of action to get his son.

    Kovac treats a woman who has some weird injuries and he tries to interfere. The woman says nothing and Kovac makes the husband to hit him to get him taken in. But they leave in the end, with no change..

    And there is a reporter.. who makes a story... and interfere their work.

    And.. Jeanie gets married.. and the child.. Beautiful
  • Jeanie Boulet gets her man and the baby all on the same day – but Kerry fails to show up for the wedding service.

    The cousin of a GSW victim turns up, only to be identified as the shooter. He runs and then has a shoot out with a security guard, but even though 20plus shots are fired no one is seriously injured. ER is messed up though!

    Carter’s current lady friend Elaine (the ex-wife of a cousin), has to undergo surgery for breast cancer and is advised by Elizabeth not to let it define who she is. She doesn’t want John to be involved, indeed seems to have been using him to feel desirable. John isn’t really that kind of guy and is being persistently caring!

    Gabe Laurence, aka Alan Alda, is appointed as an attending by Kerry, without telling Mark. He is pretty unhappy about this and spends the day checking up on him. Gabe does make some spectacular saves, but also some misses, which give Mark cause for concern.
    Luka incites a wife-beating husband to hit him, so that he can be detained, but the wife will not tell on him, so they end up leaving together anyway. Kerry tells Luka she won’t be needing him anymore, and Carol drives him home at the end of the shift. He lives on a boat and tells her when it gets cold he goes south for the winter.

    A journalist is shadowing Elizabeth for the day – thanks, as ever, to Romano – observing residents doing operations on trauma patients she is somewhat concerned, but Elizabeth reminds her it is a teaching hospital.

    The epi ends with Mark and Elizabeth together and having fun! They make a great couple and have a very open and frank relationship which helps both of them cope with work.
  • Much more character development...

    Okay, so we are already getting an idea of this new, dashing Croatian doctor who seems to calm and yet is prepared to provoke an attack in order to help a exciting from the audience's perspective, not so much from the ER's point of view. Hopefully this isn't quite the end for Luka Kovac!

    We are also introduced to Gabe Lawrence in this epieose, who, despite getting on certain doctor's nerves, most noticeably Mark Greene, allows us to see that even experienced doctors such as himself and Mark can keep on learning new techniques and medicines. A worthy message for his first episode!

    To everyone who claims Kerry was never a true friend to Jeannie, I think that if anything, this episode proves just how strong a friend she is. Single-handedly, Kerry was able to influence the decision that allowed Jeannie to take home Carlos. And how sweet! Rather than a honey-moon in New Orleans, a nappy-buying trip to the local store for newly-weds Jeannie and Reggie.

    This episode noted some minor conflict between Mark and Elizabeth - of course, this could only be a sign that they care deeply for each other, as neither would have minded about the same situations before their relationship. And all ended happily, making this episode supposedly the first time the pair consumate their relationship.

    And Benton, unsure what to do in light of his recent situation...asking questions, doubtful of himself, yet assured in the fact that he loved his SON oh so much and won't let biology come between that love.

    All in all, another positive episode, both professionally and personally for most of the characters involved.
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