Season 4 Episode 6

Ground Zero

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 1997 on NBC

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  • Rain and sun in County General

    I love the diversity and variety in this episode. We have almost everyone in focus and there is something that leads on.

    Anna and Carter are getting along quite well but it will take a turn when she offers to come with Carol to Carter's grandmother and learns the truth behind that man and from that she feels like cheated. So, it went wrong.

    Carol, on the other hand, is having quite good time. She is doing her best to make that clinic idea work and after meeting with Carter's grandmother, who liked her, as she just acted like she is, it seems to be working.

    Jeanie, is on the other side - on rainy side. Her things is not going well - her husband is just too big dreamer and their situation is not best, and in the end, Weaver decides to fire her. Fantastic... I understand they need to get rid of something but I still did not get - Jeanie needs her medicines and without job she will not have the insurance Weaver is quite ok, and so seems to be Cordey who enjoys herself maybe too much and do not understand that the place she was previously is not the place she is now and Benton, who just cannot take that some people can be nice, takes every step she takes as a threat and tries to plot against her.

    And Greene - I hope he is on the bottom now (to thinking of the title) and now there will be only road up. I am tired of that storyline but this time it had sense - it really had deeper meaning and not only - Mark acts like he does not care about nothing. There were reasons and they were visible.

    And Doug is not having best time too - his father died and he has to go there. He takes Mark with him and the ending, it shows that in rush, people forgot their defense and say the things they are meaning... beautiful and much better than couple of last episodes.
  • In this particular episode, we find the doctors at County General learning different things throughout the day. Quite a dramatic installment in the 4th season.

    After many harsh confrontations with the belligerant family of a boy who died on the table, Dr. Mark Green is free of dodging the lawsuits from the Law kin. Although he begins his day chipper and eager, his troubles aren't over yet. He first ecounters a man, pretending to be a patient, but who really wants more money from him for the Law family. This brings his day to a screeching halt. Soon enough, he begins to realize a problem about himself, and an inner anger that is coming out at both co-workers and patients alike. His lesson is not an easy one to admitt to, but with the help of his friends, he can recover from his attack, and the after-affect it has one him.
    Nurse Del Amico is not the most loaded woman, and she hates trying to impress people, and thusly, learning about Carters family money, she is quite irritated by it. Carole Hathaway is the only one who has a good day, as her dreams are met with the 75 thousand dollar loan from Carters grandmother to start a free care clinic in the ER. Meanwhile, Doug faces the death of his father, and Jeanie is fired. The episode is very entrancing, first off, because we see a darker side of Mark Greene that has not been so visible previously, and the results are chilling. Doug and Carol are great together, and it's nice to see them like this, even though, by now, we can believe the future. Something else I really liked was the story about Kerry, learning the harsh truth behind the hospitol deficit, and her decision to fire Jeanie Boulet. Such drama, is the stuff of ER. Such a great installment.
  • ...

    I wasn't that much of a fan of this episode, although I did note that I much preferred the second half than the first.

    My favourite story-line this episode was of course the low budget and Kerry's resulting decision. I can only point out this episode to anyone who claims that Kerry and Jeannie weren't proper friends; we saw how much anguish that Kerry had to go through, the amount of times she refers to Jeannie as a friend etc. Kerry was definitely feeling down about her choice, and that wasn't deserved guilt either.

    I also enjoyed the rivalry between Corday and Benton - which only proved to remind me why I dislike Benton so. He seemed to me to be totally in the wrong throughout most of their interactions. She was only trying to respect his family, and he purposefully got her in professional trouble.

    I also quite liked Carter's grandmother in this episode, especially when it was just she and Carol alone. Things are also progressing with Anna and Carter, it's about time she found out his true wealth.
  • A very good episode. Dr. Greene is still suffering psychologically from the attack in the mens room.

    Dr. Greene is still suffering psychologically from the attack in the mens room.
    He confides in the receptionist Cynthia after having a bad day.
    Dr. Ross receives a phone call telling him his father has died.
    Doug goes to Mark's apartment, and Cynthia is there.
    Doug asks Mark to go to California with him, before leaving he tells Carol bye and he loves her.

    Kerry has to fire Jeanie. Al asks Jeanie to move with him to another state.
    Kerry is finding out just how hard it is to be in a management position.

    Carol goes to Carter's grandmother for help in opening a clinic.
    Anna is upset with Carter for lying to her about being from a family with money.