Season 4 Episode 6

Ground Zero

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 1997 on NBC

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  • In this particular episode, we find the doctors at County General learning different things throughout the day. Quite a dramatic installment in the 4th season.

    After many harsh confrontations with the belligerant family of a boy who died on the table, Dr. Mark Green is free of dodging the lawsuits from the Law kin. Although he begins his day chipper and eager, his troubles aren't over yet. He first ecounters a man, pretending to be a patient, but who really wants more money from him for the Law family. This brings his day to a screeching halt. Soon enough, he begins to realize a problem about himself, and an inner anger that is coming out at both co-workers and patients alike. His lesson is not an easy one to admitt to, but with the help of his friends, he can recover from his attack, and the after-affect it has one him.
    Nurse Del Amico is not the most loaded woman, and she hates trying to impress people, and thusly, learning about Carters family money, she is quite irritated by it. Carole Hathaway is the only one who has a good day, as her dreams are met with the 75 thousand dollar loan from Carters grandmother to start a free care clinic in the ER. Meanwhile, Doug faces the death of his father, and Jeanie is fired. The episode is very entrancing, first off, because we see a darker side of Mark Greene that has not been so visible previously, and the results are chilling. Doug and Carol are great together, and it's nice to see them like this, even though, by now, we can believe the future. Something else I really liked was the story about Kerry, learning the harsh truth behind the hospitol deficit, and her decision to fire Jeanie Boulet. Such drama, is the stuff of ER. Such a great installment.