Season 4 Episode 6

Ground Zero

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 1997 on NBC

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  • Rain and sun in County General

    I love the diversity and variety in this episode. We have almost everyone in focus and there is something that leads on.

    Anna and Carter are getting along quite well but it will take a turn when she offers to come with Carol to Carter's grandmother and learns the truth behind that man and from that she feels like cheated. So, it went wrong.

    Carol, on the other hand, is having quite good time. She is doing her best to make that clinic idea work and after meeting with Carter's grandmother, who liked her, as she just acted like she is, it seems to be working.

    Jeanie, is on the other side - on rainy side. Her things is not going well - her husband is just too big dreamer and their situation is not best, and in the end, Weaver decides to fire her. Fantastic... I understand they need to get rid of something but I still did not get - Jeanie needs her medicines and without job she will not have the insurance Weaver is quite ok, and so seems to be Cordey who enjoys herself maybe too much and do not understand that the place she was previously is not the place she is now and Benton, who just cannot take that some people can be nice, takes every step she takes as a threat and tries to plot against her.

    And Greene - I hope he is on the bottom now (to thinking of the title) and now there will be only road up. I am tired of that storyline but this time it had sense - it really had deeper meaning and not only - Mark acts like he does not care about nothing. There were reasons and they were visible.

    And Doug is not having best time too - his father died and he has to go there. He takes Mark with him and the ending, it shows that in rush, people forgot their defense and say the things they are meaning... beautiful and much better than couple of last episodes.