Season 4 Episode 6

Ground Zero

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 1997 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Carter: I'm sorry. I should have said something, but you were so anti rich people.
      Anna: I'm even more anti liars.
      Carter: I wanted you to get to know me first.
      Anna: Okay. And meanwhile, I take you to my favorite thrift store, give you a tour of Roach Manor this morning... and you must have been laughing your head off.
      Carter: No, not at all. I love that stuff.
      Anna: A little slumming, is that it?
      Carter: You know, before you knew about all this, you saw me for what I am--a regular guy.
      Anna: A "regular" guy doesn't patronize people. You made me look like an idiot.
      Carter: Anna, I'm sorry.
      Anna: Forget it, Carter.

    • Benton: You intentionally sidelined me for that, didn't you?
      Corday: What?
      Benton: Handing me off to Anspaugh so you could be with Romano.
      Corday: That's the silliest thing I've ever heard. He called me in to consult. Not the other way around.
      Benton: If you say so.
      Corday: No, it's not just what I say. That's the way it was.

    • Mark: (after a patient walked out because of the way he treated her) It's not my job to be their best friend.
      Carol: No--just their caregiver.

    • Carol: What's the statute of limitations on post traumatic stress?
      Doug: Cut him some slack.
      Carol: I think we've all cut him plenty. He needs some help.
      Doug: He doesn't need a shrink. He needs friends who are supportive.
      Carol: He's not going to have any friends to be supportive if he keeps this up.

    • Cynthia: You don't like being swept off your feet?
      Jeanie: It's the landing that's the problem.

    • Carol: How many patients do you think we see in the hospital every year?
      Mark: Would that be real patients, or turkeys?
      Carol: Forget I asked.
      Mark: Your count will be about 95% higher if you count all the wackos.

    • Carol: Hey, how many patients do you think we see in the hospital every year?
      Doug: Too many.

    • Doug: I love you, Carol.
      Carol: (to herself, after Doug drives away) I love you, too.

    • Corday: (to Romano, during a conversation with him and Benton) He simply wants to keep an eye on me, don't you, Dr. Benton.
      Benton: Someone needs to.

    • Corday: (to Benton) You smell of talcum powder. That's sooo sweet.

    • Corday: (to Dr. Benton, after he tricked her) Shedding your skin, Dr. Snake?

  • Notes

    • Though spelled correctly when he is listed as the series creator in the opening credits, Michael Crichton's last name is incorrectly spelled "Chrichton" when he is listed with the other executive producers in the end credits of this episode. This mistake was repeated in most of the Season 4 episodes and in all of the Season 6 episodes.

  • Allusions

    • Carter's grandmother is not in favor of interleague play. Interleague play is the term used to describe regular season Major League Baseball games played between American League and National League teams. Interleague play was rather new when this episode aired; prior to June 1997, Major League Baseball teams competed only within their own league during the regular season.