Season 15 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2008 on NBC

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  • Ray comes back......

    In this episode of ER the following happens. Everyone in the ER is waiting for Neela. They take her in and it turns out to be Ray. She seems over the moon to see him. He is now working with people who have had strokes etc to help get them back on their feet and with physical therapy. When Ray, Simon and Neela are all together you can see the tension between them all. When they leave him, Ray says that Simon seems like a dick. Sam seems really annoyed at Gates throughout the episode. We also learn that she has an important test coming up for her nursing. Ray apologises to Morris about not being able to attend Greg's funeral (he was in hospital for skin grafts). He asks Morris if Neela is seeing anyone and is extremely happy when he says no. Ray tells Neela over a Chinese takeaway at their old apartment, that he tried to kill himself after the accident. Ray tells Neela that it wasn't her fault and that he doesn't blame her. They kiss and then he leaves. She watches him leave from her window and she begins to cry.