Season 5 Episode 7

Hazed and Confused

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 1998 on NBC

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  • Lucy has change to fill her own validation form...

    Lucy and Carter.. all again in the main focus.. they just do not seem to work it out. She tries to talk with him but never gets far but she records a message... and later accidentally Carter finds it and gives her a change to fill her own validation form. And she hands it to Greene and he is surprised how it can be that they are doing so bad? Funny - Lucy just seems to live in totally different world.. have totally different view.. but that is not bad.

    Also Carol gets some focus as she is desperately trying to get pregnant but with no success and she takes hard when a mother fakes pain to find out if the child is girl or boy and when she finds it is girl, she plans to do abort. Carol is really out of herself.

    But Weaver.. she has some great personality as she seems to be quite happy with her new life.. only for medicine.
  • Dr. Weaver has a personality! We see her in her home and in her kitchen. This is the room where all is told...that and the bedroom, that is. This is for a later storyline.

    Dr. Carter learns that Dr. Weaver has a real personality. He also has to deal with Ms. Knight again. They are always at odds with each other.

    Dr. Weaver gives up the interim chief of emergency medicine position. Good for her. She needs a life. I love her spunk.

    Poor Carol. She wants to have a baby and she cannot get pregnant. Nice that it happens later in the storyline. Dr. Corday has a night and day and day as well. She is on shift for 36 hours. Too bad that she cannot be perfect. I love how she meddles in Dr. Benton's son's life.