Season 15 Episode 7

Heal Thyself

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • ER Heal Thyself

    Definely awesome episode It was definely a tearjerker to see all the old charters again especailly Anthony Edwards reprise his role as Dr. Mark Greene.It was favorite part of the episode.
  • One of my favorite ER episodes of all time, mostly because you get to see the great Anthony Edwards return after a 6 year absence as Dr. Mark Greene, the brilliant Angela Bassett as Cate Banfield, along with great acting, writing and directing. A classic.

    Like I was saying earlier this is definitely one of my favorite episodes. The episode mainly focuses on Dr. Banfield dealing with a little girl who almost drown in a Lake, as she remembers how her own son suffered a seizure and was forced to County General hospital where he was treated by the best ER character ever Mark Greene, a few months before his death. The episode focuses on Greene trying to heal Banfield's kid as well as Banfield trying to help a drowning victim. The episode is a nice way to show Anthony Edwards once again without making it cheesy like Dallas with everything being nothing more then a dream sequence. Angela Bassett does a great performance as well showing the sides of a mother suffering the loss of her son, and how she uses that information to try and help the drowning girl. I also liked seeing some old veterans including Paul McCrane return as Dr. Romano and Laura Innes return as Dr. Weaver (Yep she's back with the cane), Jerry return as well, and a couple of other secondary characters including the mysterious Mullet man return once again. Overall a great episode and Anthony Edwards doesn't miss a beat, and definitely deserves an Emmy Nod or something. The writing was amazing, the directing was great, and the scene with Dr. Greene comforting Banfield, it's as great as anything ever in ER's long history. The ending in Chicago is pretty special as well. A really good episode.
  • Excellent, excellent, excellent. Very well written. We saw a lot, we learned a lot. Now, we know Dr. Cate Banfield. Although she was already a doctor, she couldn't save her son. She has so many repressed feelings...

    That's why she work the hell to save that little girl. And the edition of this episode was great. That's constantly change between Banfield's flashback with the beloved Dr. Mark Greene trying to save her son and her present patient (the little girl), how much she learned from Dr. Greene and use that knowledge to help that girl and confort her parents, was simply marvelous. The writers care very well about the details. You saw a Dr. Greene in the time when he was just sick with cancer, when he was about to die, but also you saw the same caring and very well bed-side-manner doctor that he was. It was very refreshing to see Dr. Greene again. And to see Dr. Romano with his characteristic way of talking, and Dr. Kerry Weaver was a pleasant surprise. I was very emotional with this episode, was very tearjerker to me.

    I hope they give us again episode like this in this last season. I enjoy it a lot. That's why a gave it a 10.
  • Pure Perfection

    I only registered on this forum to comment on this episodue. I have been watching the show from the very beginning. It was fantastic but after the death of Greene it declined and was rather uninspired in the last seasons. Jumping the shark by some obscurely construced deaths of the cast members etc. Not the ER I fell in love with 14 years ago. The more I was surprised by this episodue. It was simply incredible, I would rate it 100 stars if possible. It was exactly the reason why I loved the show for such a long time. There cannot be more drama and emotion in 40 minutes. When Greene opened the door of the ambulance car I literally felt the goose bumps. Crichton died before the airing, the flashbacks with the old crew, no explosions or helicopter crashes. Just pure drama that does not need any "Hollywood special effects".

    Together with "Loves Labour Lost" of season 1 this is the one episodue that I will never forget.
  • It was a very touching episode

    I'm so happy the writers decided to bring back Dr. Greene in the final season of ER. ER has not been the same since all the beginning characters left the show. At the final season, it was great to see some of the old faces back in the ER. This episode was very touching where you see Dr. Greene help a child. It reminded me of all the episode Dr. Greene was in where is was a leader in his profession. It brought out character and strength and sincerity and general kindness. I was very touch to see Anthony Edwards back for this episode. Tears came down my face throughout this episode because it reminded me that Dr. Greene eventually dies and how sad that was. It brought back alot of memories of the old ER episodes. Thank you to all the writers for this episode since it will be an episode I will never forget.
  • Stunning episode. Great writing and directing at work. [SPOILERS]

    I absolutely loved this episode. I know I'm a little late on commenting on it, but I really do want to comment on how great it was. We really get into the shoes of Angela Bassett's character, and find answers to something that is stuck in viewer's minds - why is she so upset/miserable? What we find out is an exceptionally touching story about her son dying in the same ER she is working in. It came together perfectly, with seamless transitions between past and present. Seeing all the old faces, played true to their usual selves was a touching reminder of why (older) fans love this show. Romano was my absolute favorite character, and his cameo along with Weaver, Jerry, Greene, et al. reminded me how much I really liked this series before I stopped watching around the slumps of seasons 12-13. By the end of the episode, I just remember my jaw being open and the sympathy that I had for the character and her husband. Definitely, one of the best episodes the season has seen, maybe one of the best overall.
  • The episode begins with a mention of the dead of Mr. Crichton and plays out to be one of the most wonderful episodes of them all.

    Thank you so to the producers and writers for so many former cast appearances that remind us of why this series has been a fan favorite for so long. To see Anthony Edwards in the show was such a delight, along with so many of other other well loved and well hated characters through the years that have made us laugh but more so made us cry as they left the series for good. This season is truly reminding us why this series has been on for as long as it has. I will be so sorry to see it end. Thank goodness we'll still have reruns and DVDs!
  • Dr. Mark Greene, is back!!!!!

    In this episode of ER the following happens. This episode is dedicated to the shows creator, Michael Crichton who died the week before this episode aired. In this episode we finally learn what happened to Dr Kate Banfield in the ER, many years before. We also open with a man in the river searching for a baby girl and we also see an empty stroller in there. We then see that the little girl is 3 years old and is being rushed to the ER. The man who was with her is her Grandfather. Kate has flashbacks of her, her husband and their son in the park together. We then see her son having a seizure. They take him home as he has had one before, but then he gets worse and they take him to the ER at County General Hospital. When Kate and her son arrive at the ER they are greeted by Dr Greene. After some treatment they learn that he has had a stroke. We see that this episode takes place after Mark has been diagnosed with his brain tumour. During the tests being run, Mark believes that the little boy has leukaemia. But it comes too late, after over an hour of working on him, Mark stops the heart compressions and the little boy dies. Luckily the team manage to save the little girl who fell into the river. Kate later admits to Morris that he son died in the ER, in County's ER. We also learn that her son was 5 years old when he died, in Trauma 1. In this episode Rocket Robert, Mark Greene, Kerry Weaver and Jerry all appear.
  • Dr. Greene returns from the dead in an emotionally-filled episode centering on Dr. Banfield's personal life and tragedy.

    Near the end of the episode, Dr. Banfield states in her monologue that there's a word to describe someone who's lost their parents, and there's a word to describe someone who's lost their spouse, but there's no word to describe someone who's lost a child. This is probably one of the best and most powerful lines I've heard in ER in quite some years, and Angela Bassett was the perfect actor to deliver that line. The fact that it was delivered in an episode where Anthony Edwards (along with some other recognizable ER alums) only goes to show how good a show it is and how much the creators and writers truly care about this series. The direction of this episode played out very well, pretty much seamlessly, when going from present to past to present again. Flashbacks can be really annoying if done too much, but here it was a work of genius, really, to unite both the first and last Chief Residents of this ER. The storyline was impeccable and the caliber performances of the actors in the central story made it well worth the hour. Sadly, the creator of the show, Michael Crichton (my favorite author), passed away, but it was fitting for him to be memorialized right before the start of this perfect episode. Of course, you always want to go out with a bang when it's time finish. Well, this episode has delivered a BANG. Hopefully, the actual series finale can do the same and we can all be happy to have been a fan of ER all these years (including the latter years).
  • Old favourites, character development, and just plainly excellent writing.

    I knew this season was going to be special, but this was simply an amazing episode. I found myself wishing that we'd have more time to see Dr. Banfields running of the ER. This was the first episode which, for me, made me grieve for the shows departure. I loved Abby, and her leaving episode was good, but it had really felt time for her to move on anyway - before she started playing out the same old same old. For me, the writers of this episode showed that this show still has plently of legs in it... ie a lot more plotlines to work with and characters to develop.
    The acting in this episode was very strong. Julian Morris (Dr. Andrew Wade) had his first shot (in this show) at showing off his acting capabilities, and excelled. It was lovely to see old favourites return and to tie them in with Dr. Banfields current story proved to be a very special TV experience. For anyone who has ever loved ER, this is an episode not to miss.
  • It was great to see so many familiar faces once again.

    It was great to see so many familiar faces once again. Especially Anthony Edwards and Eriq La Salle – even though he appeared only in the introduction, not an actual episode. What shows the most for me, is how much older they look now in comparison with the time when they both left ER. I liked that Anthony was listed first in the main cast credits. I love that Noah Wyle is scheduled to appear – can't wait to see him in action once again. I hate that this is the last season. It's one of those shows that could be a never-ending story. Sad to see it ends.
  • A very special episode.

    So that's what happened to Dr. Banfield. A very emotional episode. Angela Basset is a fine actress and her character is very well written and interesting.

    I liked how they brought back Mark Greene. He was listen in the main cast and had major screen time on the episode.
    Weaver, Jerry and even "shorty" appeared as well. Didn't really like Romano's chat with Mark but well, that's Romano we all know and learned to hate.

    That's exactly why I love this show. There's more to it than just saving patients or some weird disease. It's about the characters, how they deal with loss and death. Too bad it's the last season.

    Now I want to see Carter!! lol
  • Dr Greene is back to to County... in flashbacks.

    There was so much buzz about the episode that I was dying to see it. I guess all this led to high expectactions and unsurprisingly I'm a bit disappointed.

    First, it takes a long time until Dr Greene appears in the ER. I found the minutes until he gets there quite long. Then, his storyline is linked to Dr Banfield who is new and whith whom I haven't really clicked (yet?). Sure it sheds a new light on the character but I still find her quite annoying. It was really nice to see Weaver, Jerry and Romano but they are just cameos. Elisabeth's presence would have really been appreciated. Regarding the rest of the episode, it's quite lame. I think the writers focused on the return of Mark but I don't think they did the best they could.

    The flashback idea (thank God, we didn't have another "ghost" scene like on "Grey's Anatomy" or "One Tree Hill") is good but I don't know, something was missing.

    I preferred the return of Ray two weeks ago. By far. Hope the return of Carter will be just as good. I think it's easy because the character didn't die, he just left.
  • Bringing back all the old, good memories

    Being a person who has seen every episode of ER from the first and loved the older episodes much more than those now coming, I just had to love it - we have Green back and his char was just one of the best. So, as I know Green was coming back,I was eager to see this episode but when it began and all those names came.. and I realized.. it won't only be Green but also Romano and Weaver and even Jerry.. it was just.. I do not even know..

    Ok, the story - We all had ideas that something had been happening with Banfield in ER before but I never imagined story this sad and so powerful as they really had all the emotions so high.. and the story just hit you so hard that you could not hold back your tears..

    I really loved the feeling this episode gave.. like in old good days I really felt that after watching ER I have get a really strong emotion... and this definitely gave me one..

    A super episode.. no doubt
  • Dr. Banfield tries to save the life of a little girl while remembering the death of her son in the same trauma room under the care of Dr. Greene.

    This episode is breath taking and tearful, amazing and inspired during the final season. I know that I've been wanting another reason to see Dr. Greene in action. The additions of Jerry (another fave), Romano, and Weaver also fit into the episode without seeming like it was something master planned or a gimmick. Because of the medical case involving the little girl Dr. Banfield keeps remembering what happened to her son. Though the flashbacks she gets insight into the possible diagnosis of her patient.

    Everything in this episode makes sense. The emotion at the end when Archie and Dr. Banfield are talking is enough to draw the tear from the eye. Plus it answers a few questions of why she is back at County General in the first place and why Dr. Banfield looked familiar to Haleh. Totally inspired and something that could only happen on ER.
  • A flashback and very very special episode with Mark Greene, Kerry Weaver and Dr. Romano back! A classic to watch..

    As many of the reader, I grew up watching ER and lost interest as the main characters left the show, specially Dr. Green, who in my opinion was the soul of the er. This episode tell us about how Angela Basset lost her child in County's er and shows how hard Dr Greene fought to bring him back.. While he worked, Haleh, Weaver and Romano tried to made Dr Greene go to his chemotherapy.. This is definitely a season to watch and pay homage to the incredible team the er once was.. Looking forward to see Noah Wyle (Dr. Carter) and George Clooney (Dr. Ross) again!!!!
  • This is the kind of episode that praises who is a devoted fan.

    I'm an ER fan since its beginning and this is the kind of episode that every fan whish for. Very well written, amazing editing (the sequence with the camera cutting from dr. Banfield now and then during the little girl's surgery was brilliant) and the old characters appearances made this episode the best so far in this 15th season. The way these characters appeared was also a "present specially made" for fans. I hope that the other actors will agree to participate and make us fans thankful forever.
    This episode was a great homage to Michael Chrichton. He was a really special human being.
  • It was nice to see them back in ER.

    Finally, we knew what had happened to Dr. Banfield's son in ER when Dr. Green, Dr. Weaver, Dr. Romano and Jerry were still working. Too bad, Eriq La Salle only did a short memorial speech for Michael Crichton at the beginning of the episode not there as Dr. Benton. I will look forward to more special episodes like this again in the future.

    I really hope Dr. Banfield and her husband will get over grieves and restart it over again soon. It seems that Dr. Morris is the only one who Dr. Banfield told her passed. I wish they will get along well after this episode.
  • The best is yet to come!

    I have loved ER since its first season but I like many tuned out some towards the end. This year I decided to catch up and add this to my TIVO because though not my fave anymore it is like the end of an era for me. This episode was remarkable. The return of Dr. Greene was not forced and made me remember why I loved his charcter in the first place. The acting done by Angela Bassett seriously deserves to be nominated for the awards shows this year, and not just for nostalgia but because she proves what God given talents are. Please let the rest of this season give ER the proper dignified send out.
  • Mark coming back to tie cates storyline,great we had cues this might be the case with pic of her son in the 1st epi. abbey's joe being 5 and cate saying thats a good age i love that age and the voiceover when she went into trauma 1 in pranteal guiaden

    Im in college now. I started to watch ER when it came out. I love this show and the 1st 7 season just wowed me. then I started to lose intrest but I would always watch. This episode brought all the emotions from the very first time I watched ER and it was great to see Mark Kerry Robert adn Jerry all back again. Plus when ever you have Mark and Haleh together it gonna be good. This episode revitalized the series and paid homage to everything that everyone loves about ER. R.I.P Michael Cricton Thanks for a Great Show!!!
  • Excellent backstory

    This is a backstory that needed to be told. It was not a stunt to bring back old actors, but rather was completely in line with the current story and helped to explain and evolve a great deal. It was well done and made me cry! I appreciated seeing the old characters and it was very helpful to understand what's going on currently. I look forward to seeing where they take Cate's story in the future, will she not be as difficult? I also don't understand why requires reviews to be at least 100 words long. Sometimes brief is better.
  • I don't know how i can describe this episode, i was inpatient all week and finally came, it hurt to hear that Michael Crichton (creator of ER and great novels like Jurassic Park)passed away last week, god bless you for bringing us so much joy from ur work

    First of all Thanks so much John Michael Crichton (October 23, 1942 – November 4, 2008)

    Crichton was also the creator and executive producer of the television drama ER. ER was originally slated to be a movie, directed by Steven Spielberg. However, during the early stages of pre-production, Spielberg asked Michael Crichton what his current project was. Crichton said he was working on a novel about dinosaurs and DNA. Spielberg subsequently dropped what he was doing to film this project. Afterwards, he returned to ER and helped develop the show, serving as a producer on season one and offering advice (he insisted on Julianna Margulies becoming a regular, for example). It was also through Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment that John Wells was contacted to be the show's executive producer. In December 1994, he achieved the unique distinction of having the #1 movie (Jurassic Park), the #1 TV show (ER), and the #1 book (Disclosure, atop the paperback list). Crichton wrote only three episodes of ER: * Episode 1-1: "24 Hours" * Episode 1-2: "Day One" * Episode 1-3: "Going Home"

    Hope We Meet on Heaven Someday To Thank You For all this .

    Now Back To The Series:

    I finally understand why Banfield its so cold and hard to get along with, she lost her son on her own judgment as a doctor and she lost it on that ER, must be really frustrating and she has some ball, i cant really remember her back on old episodes, im pretty sure they made this episode up to get Dr. Green back for one last time, and im glad they did that. And Dr. Romano ... on that scene its funny but i kinda remember something like that. but well he was a pain the butt but he help alot Dr. Green.

    Last few seasons, ER was like death... only a few traumas, not so sick people.... it was some point that it felt boring.... and it was like a big SOAP where it was all about the doctors and nurses... but this last season, it got his old ways, lots of action and lots of information.

    There is a new student, that has his first death patient, on his own watch.... it wasnt as sad and hysterical as when DR. Carter got his first one. But still it was kinda mean.

    I really dont know how i am gonna get over this emotional thing i have for ER, now that M. Crichton its gone, all my hopes of having another season of ER are vanishing faster, but still there. But also dont think they could pull it out with the fewer remarkable docs they have right now, they will need to bring Carter at least!!!!

    Well this episode was a must watch, and TIVO and watch it again. I hope for the best on The series.
  • A family reunion, full of love, tears, and memories.

    It's been awhile since ER has wowed me. This season, Pratt's death and now this episode stand out. Now, perhaps my objectivity is a bit clouded. Dr. Greene was and is my favorite ER character. His death, along with perhaps just a few other favorite tv characters in tv land, brought me to tears. His return will of course influence my rating of this show but nonetheless, this episode stands on its own legs strong.
    First, to get the obvious out of the way, it was absolutely fantastic to see the show do justice to a reunion episode. It kept up with the details of Greene's life and we saw not just one but four characters return-Kerry, Romano, and Jerry. And those four, with a cameo by LaSalle paying homage to favored author of mine Crichton's passing, made this episode. Maybe it's the show, maybe it's the directors, maybe it's just the actors but it's refreshing to see storylines tied together-and that happens when Ross is reunited with Carol and we actually see it happen...and when Dr. Greene returns with half of the staff. Nicely done!
    Second, and just as important, is the actual fact that the show was well-written. The present day storyline ran parallel to Banfield's own flashback and, though each has a different ending, we finally get to see into Banfield's life, to break down that tough exterior of hers. We finally now know why she looked familiar to County General staff and why she gave Morris that pass after Pratt's death. I also really appreciated the moment between Morris and Banfield. While I don't like the idea of doctors drinking (hello!-would you want your teacher showing up drunk to class-and I don't hold a scalpel-I hold chalk!), I loved the acting in that scene, the raw emotions.

    All in all, great episode.

    Sidenote: I really love how this season is shaping up. I see parallels to that very first season. Neela's intern reminds me of Carter, intentional no doubt. Pratt's death and everyone's desperate rush to save him remind me a bit of Carol's attempted suicide. Just mild mimics but enough to remind me what I loved about this show.