Season 13 Episode 6

Heart of the Matter

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • Bad day for some, good for others.

    So, Luka's verdict is on the way and he is no eager to go there, but it all goes well for him and this is now the point that we could feel sorry for that man and when he comes to talk to Luka and tells all thing about his marriage and that email.. it really moves and even Luka feels that.

    The other major storyline is about Neela and her bad day. First she does not follow the rules and talks herself to be in operation room. Then the patient dies, Dubenko is angry about him and patience wife after hearing the news, dies too. Crappy day, I agree. And then Abby makes her to make a move to Gates and that does not go well too.
  • Great acting of Forrest Whitaker & Goran Visnjic. They are excellent together.

    For me the most memorable scene in this episode was the one when Luka was talking to Curtis Ames on the bridge. It was a very important moment for both of these charachters, I think. They were trying to open up to each other a bit more and explain to each other what hadn't been possible to say in the court room. Sadly, the moment was cut short by Luka's having to return to work. It would have been better for them both to have talked some more. Ideally, Curtis Ames could have come with Luka to work and follow him around on a shift to see for himself what it's like in the ER. In that way Ames could have understood Luka's situation better.
  • Luka receives good news after the judge declears the winner.

    Good epiosde. I am so glad Luka won because he deserved to win and I think would be dump if he didn't then went to jail and the show needs him because he is one of the main characters. I don't know why everyone is so mean to Neela just because she trys to help. Pratt has to yet his brother move in while his girlfriend is there and she doesn't mind. She could like him! During girls night out Neela gets drunk and she admits she likes Gates. He is hot. That Ames guy is so annoying and thinks he is the best.
  • The veredict - ok, I knew Luka was to be declared innocent of the accusation, but was curious to see how he would take the news.

    Good the prep talking from Kerry - seems she has changed - meaning, more human, more soft. I liked also the way Luka talked to Ames after the veredict - at the hospital and out of the hospital later. The impression I had is that Luka feels really sorry about what happened, but nothing could have been different. And it seems that Ames was touched by Luka's consideration... But I know this is not true... So we are kind of mislead by the last scene of the episode... Anyway, where was baby Joe? Not a word about him. And good chat between Abby and Luka about the movies festival... Goran and Maura are great together.... Now I am really envy....
  • A good episode with many great moments.

    This was a very good episode, focusing on both the doctors and the patients, which is always nice to see.

    Neela was really great. In my opinion, for the first time this season. That girl sure knows what to do. It wasn't her normal I'm-such-a-nice-girl way to act, but it was great to see Surgery's changing her. She so badly wants to operate, but she was amazing in the ER, doing everything to save the woman who had just lost her husband and was about to leave her daughter all alone. Go Neela! I just ignored her dream about Gates, totally unnecessary.

    I'm glad Luka was not blamed for Ames' disability, Luka has enough problems already. Man, Ames is boring. Even tough, I liked their conversation at the end. Luka's still the same, a little bit defensive, but he's stronger too. His storyline with the cancer patient whose wife doesn't want him to be told about his condition was really great. I loved the way Luka dealt with that.

    Morris was so funny, the poor guy just want attention on TV. And Kerry rocked, as always. Is the TV lady her next love? She sure needs someone, it's been years now that Sandy died. The girls' night out was fun, I missed that about ER. Sure, it was a little too out there, since I can actually feel the disconfort between Abby and Sam, and Hope's new, and Neela's still depressed, but it was nice. Kinda reminded me of Elizabeth, Anna and Carol's night outs. Not the best, but still very good. =)
  • Some news for Luka, more closeness between Luka and Abby, Morris gets pampered for tv, Curtis Ames returns, Dubenko throws a hissy fit and some hot steamy fantasy encounters between Neela and Gates!

    This is my first review, so bear with me!
    I really enjoyed this episode. I love how the authors show the increasing couple closeness between Luka and Abby and they show this through small signs, glances, waves, when he looks for her she is looking at him, holding hands, it all looks so natural, the chemistry between Goran Visnjic and Maura Tierney never ceases to amaze me. The hot steamy dream of Neela with Gates was just a dream and I'm happy about that as I tend to root for Neela and Ray, we'll see what happens. Morris gets on TV and he manages to sneak into the hospital his pampering entourage for his Tv special and it's really funny how Kerry steals the scene without even trying! Forest Whitaker is an awesome actor and he proves it once again in this episode, especially in the dialogue outside between him and Dr. Kovac who also gives a subtle yet intense performance, mostly played in his eyes. The friendship that has developed between Luka and Kerry is getting deeper, they mutually respect each other and this is lovely to see, in my opinion. Finally, Neela seems to be having a very hard time with Crenshaw and I must applaud both Parminder and Leland Orser (Dr. Dubenko) for the beautiful scene when she gets told off by him, they were both superb in that scene. Parminder is also excellent in her dialogue with Abby right at the end where she talks about her dreams. All in all a really enjoyable episode and great acting performances!
  • The beginning had a rather disturbing dream.

    I didn't like the beginning with Neela's dream of her and Gates. But having seen Luka confront Ames which is the other way around than it has been was good to see. I loved the end where all the girls are playing shag, shoot, or marry. I liked seeing Kerry act out of character. And seeing her talk about how she looked on camera was funny. I liked this episode.
  • An episode that speaks to the return of the ensemble.

    This was not one of my favorites but an episode that definitely allowed each character to have their moment. The Ames/Kovac trial fizzled to a conclusion but set up something more in coming episodes. Forest Whitaker is almost painful to watch. The medicine this week seemed to be choppy with a lot of open endings left hanging. The only case truly resolved was the Harley driver with brain mets. It was almost scary to see Luka send him off without really knowing his prognosis. I hope it doesn't come back to haunt him. Neela and Gates have been brought to the forefront while Luka and Abby continue to bubble along in long awaited bliss. Loving the little captured looks and gestures that allude to the supportive relationship that has evolved for these two....finally. Tierney and Visnjic play off one another so very well...and via sarcasm this week. Fun. Can't help feeling like I had seen the scene with Pratt and Chaz moving in before??? Wierd deja vu kinda thing. Gates is growing on me....sorta. Not sure why. Still kind of mad at him for doing the deed so enthusiastically with Meg after hitting on Neela in his first season 13 appearance. Not getting a good feeling about that whole set up. Paraminder Nagra is really showing some fine acting chops this season. The close up on her face in the ending shot clearly revealed hurt and frustration while trying to hold it together in front of her friends. Linda Cardenelli is gorgeous. Loved her slightly sloshed Sam in the Girls Night Out bit. Not real impressed with Katey, Hope or the new nurse, Dawn. LOVED that Haleh and Chuny were included. Would like to see more in depth encounters with them again.
  • luka finds out his court verdict, the relationship between Neela and Gates heats up.

    This was a very interesting episode. I must say though that the dream sequence at the begining of the episode kind of scared me. I was truly glad it was a dream because during all of that I just kept thinking, wooah Nella! Luka's court verdict wasnt that big of a shocker becuase he just had the baby with Abby and I didn't hear anything about NBC getting rid of him so I wasnt too worried. This episode of ER definitly had its great points and a few points that werent as great. It wasn't a perfect episdoe but it was pretty darn close!
  • An ok episode...if you took out the drama part you'd have about 13 minutes of medical stuff.

    This episode was ok, I wasn't too impressed with the Ames/Kovac storyline. I was glad he wasn't found guilty but honestly, it wasn't that compelling. However, the preview made it look like Ames is gonna go a little nuts so I'm excited to see what happens there. The best part of this episode, Ray got more then two lines!! He's obviously still stuck on Neela, in fact I think he's cemented. And since Neela still refuses to see whats right in front of her he's going to go on waiting for a while longer. I'm glad to see that med-student chick isn't getting her hooks in too deep. Can you tell Reela is my favorite part of the show? Did you think I watched it for the medical drama? Hardly. lol. Anyway, the only other thing I liked about this episode was Crenshaw the new surgery resident. He's like Romano, cuz he's a jerk, but he's more funny then he is a pain-in-the-you-know-what.