Season 13 Episode 6

Heart of the Matter

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • A good episode with many great moments.

    This was a very good episode, focusing on both the doctors and the patients, which is always nice to see.

    Neela was really great. In my opinion, for the first time this season. That girl sure knows what to do. It wasn't her normal I'm-such-a-nice-girl way to act, but it was great to see Surgery's changing her. She so badly wants to operate, but she was amazing in the ER, doing everything to save the woman who had just lost her husband and was about to leave her daughter all alone. Go Neela! I just ignored her dream about Gates, totally unnecessary.

    I'm glad Luka was not blamed for Ames' disability, Luka has enough problems already. Man, Ames is boring. Even tough, I liked their conversation at the end. Luka's still the same, a little bit defensive, but he's stronger too. His storyline with the cancer patient whose wife doesn't want him to be told about his condition was really great. I loved the way Luka dealt with that.

    Morris was so funny, the poor guy just want attention on TV. And Kerry rocked, as always. Is the TV lady her next love? She sure needs someone, it's been years now that Sandy died. The girls' night out was fun, I missed that about ER. Sure, it was a little too out there, since I can actually feel the disconfort between Abby and Sam, and Hope's new, and Neela's still depressed, but it was nice. Kinda reminded me of Elizabeth, Anna and Carol's night outs. Not the best, but still very good. =)