Season 2 Episode 7

Hell and High Water

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 1995 on NBC

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  • In this explosive episode Doug Ross caught in a flood, gets told by a kid that his brother is trapped inside a ditch. Now it's up to Doug Ross to save the kids life and save his own as the flood grows stronger.

    The episode that probably launched George Clooney on the map. The episode continues where the last one left off, with Doug Ross life in disarray. After sleeping with Carter's girlfriend and getting losing his contract as an ER doctor, Doug Ross is nothing but a Doctor without a job. In the middle of a storm as Doug Ross is about to smoke marijuana a boy hits his car door telling him that his brother is caught in a ditch between a strong metal post. So Doug Ross immediately tells the kid to call the police and goes to save his brother. Despite his best efforts to make sure the kid doesn't fall asleep (Since there is a set of metal bars in between them), Doug Ross soon runs out luck as the flood erupts and destroys the ditch and metal post. The next scene is Doug Ross carrying the unconscious boy and administrating CPR to revive him as a News Crew and ambulance arrive. Using his sound judgment Ross advises the crew to go to the ER and instead of taking the ambulance takes the News Helicopter to deliver the boy in time for the Doctors to operate and save his life. So the last shot is obviously good for Ross, he just saved a life and is now a news hero as he and Mark Greene leave the ER to a crowd of News Reporters. The episode like "Love's Lost Labor" showcased Clooney's great acting ability and are one of his best highlight episodes. He should have won an Emmy Award for his role as Ross and this episode signifies everything the show lost after he left in the 5th season. Though it is still one of the best ER episodes of all time.
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