Season 11 Episode 16

Here and There

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 24, 2005 on NBC

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  • Beautiful and emotional..

    It was a really refreshing episode - I have missed so good episode like this for long.

    I adored the way this episode was built up - the parallel evens in different sides of world, all leading to one point - always reflecting each other and those letters - maybe one of the most beautiful "love story" episodes so far.

    It really opened up more of Neela char and... Oh, I do not know but I really liked this episode and... in so many ways it was so beautiful, somehow ironic but most of all - again, eye-opening and reminding us - there is much more than first seen or visible.
  • Gallant in Irak

    I love this episode, it was better than the episode when they flashback how Carter have meet Kem, and all that stuff. It was a great idea to, tell what Gallant have been doing by the letters with Neela. And how Neela still have no clue what to do with her life. At first i didn't like the officer or the one who is in charge because he seem very bad and ugly, but at the end when he sent Gallant with her to Chicago show that he really have a heart.

    When Gallant and the woman were going to have a beer and then something happen, well thank because i was sure it only means sex
  • Revealing

    This episode was very revealing from both points of view. Neela was definately sick and tired of not knowing her place in the world of medicine.She and Gallant both revealed alot about their current lives. Neela definately revealed a lot more about herself and how she feels about herself in this episode than any other. She really has a connection with Gallant. I liked how she said that she didn't want to be with someone out of being lonely. I loved the whole " your a tiny band-aid" explanation. The cello music at the "previously on ER " was definately Middle Eastern, but it was a 1940's 1950's style. That is not the modern type Middle eastern music. Overall we found out more about Neela in that one episode than we had all of season 11.