Season 9 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2002 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • (Frank is holding up a Santa suit)
      Frank: Hey, what do you think?
      Abby: I don't know if you're the Santa type, Frank.
      Frank: What, too sexy?

    • (Frank and Jerry are both dressed like Santa and arguing)
      Abby: You guys, we already have the wasted angel of Bethlehem. Can we not have feuding St. Nicks?

    • Luka: Hey Erin. You are a very pretty girl.
      (He kisses her)
      Erin: You know, if you're trying to seduce me, this is a very unconventional approach.
      Luka: Really?
      Erin: You're supposed to get the girl drunk.
      Luka: I thought you were.
      Erin: The bedroom.
      Luka: I think it's up there.
      (She helps him to bed)
      Luka: You're staying here tonight?
      Erin: I'm gonna stay on the couch.
      Luka: There's more room in the bed.
      Erin: Oh, there always is.

    • Luka: Why do you want to be a doctor?
      Erin: I don't know. Good at science.
      Luka: I became a doctor to take care of people. To heal them. (lies down)
      Erin: You do. Every day.
      Luka: But strangers, only strangers. And not tomorrow. (Falls asleep)

    • Midget: Doc, you're not gonna press charges are you?
      Luka: You punched me in the face!
      Abby: What happened?
      Luka: Ah, vicious midget.
      Midget: Hey!

    • Abby: Are we o.k.?
      Luka: About what?
      Abby: Last night... in the bedroom
      Luka: Did I do something stupid?
      Abby: You don't remember?
      Luka: Had a couple of drinks...
      Abby: Couple of dozen... O.K. As long as we're alright.

    • (about being forced to work on Christmas because they're single)
      Luka: Yeah, I don't care. Christmas isn't what it's supposed to be anyway.
      Susan: No?
      Luka: Back home it was different. You know, we would take the kids sleigh-riding, cut down our own tree. My wife made the fish the night before, and then turkey for Christmas Day.
      Susan: Sounds perfect.
      Luka: (whispers) Yeah.

    • Luka: Hi.
      Abby: Hi.
      Luka: You going?
      Abby: Yeah, it's getting late. (sees the dice Luka got) Oh, somebody knows you pretty well.
      Luka: What did you get? (Abby hands him the snow globe. Luka winds it up)
      Abby: You alright?
      Luka: We don't talk much anymore. Like we don't know what to say.
      Abby: Well, we should fix that. We could get a cup of coffee or something, or you could come over for dinner? Carter orders up a mean pizza.
      Luka: (touches her arm) I miss you, Abby.
      Abby: Uh, okay, I'm gonna take a wild guess here; you've been drinking.
      Luka: So?
      Abby: So... maybe we should talk about this some other time?
      Luka: You don't look happy.
      Abby: I'm happy.
      Luka: That... that's good. I want you to be happy. I'm just saying that if you're not...
      Abby: I should go.
      Luka: I made mistakes. A lot, a lot of mistakes.
      Abby: Don't make another one.

    • Abby: Are you working tomorrow?
      Luka: Nooooo.
      Carter: Lucky you.
      Luka: Lucky for the patients.

    • Luka: I feel like crap.
      Abby: You don't look so good either.
      Luka: Thanks a lot...

    • Frank: (dressed in a Santa suit) Sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas, little girl.
      Abby: I want it to be January.

    • Midget: Doc, I was just reaching up.
      Luka: With a clenched fist?
      Midget: I'm 4'11'', I always have a clenched fist!

    • Pratt: Your'e Jewish?
      Yosh: Converted.
      Pratt: Like Sammy Davis Jr.?
      Yosh: ...right.

    • Abby: Oh, my God. It's Harkins.

    • Romano: (to Frank) You know, I always thought of you as a big man, but compared to Jerry you're just sort of an ambitious elf, aren't you?

    • Luka: (to a patient, about the stethoscope) Jane, this can also be a lie detector.

    • Abby: (as Pratt is leaving) Anybody work here anymore?

    • Frank: SInce when is Santa scary?
      Pratt: Since he looks like a fat, old homeless dude.

    • (Frank is in a Santa Claus suit)
      Luka: Frank, do you dress like that every day?
      Frank: Why not? You dress like a doctor.

  • Notes

    • Music: "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," Bruce Springsteen; "What Child is This?", words by William Chatterton Dix, set to the traditional English melody of "Greensleeves" (playing on the snowglobe)

    • Although in the opening credits, Alex Kingston does not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • The events in this episode run in reverse, similarly to the 2000 film Memento.

    • When Luka treats the two old Croatian man, one of them, Guter, tells him the other, Doric, was a member of the Ustasha, which Luka describes as similar to the Gestapo. During World War II, northern Croatia was occupied by the German army. The Ustasha were the fascist army of Croatia, which collaborated with the Germans. In 1941, the Ustasha was put in charge of the Independent State of Croatia by the Axis Powers. Thousands of Croatian Jews were killed at Jasenovac Concentration Camp at the hands of the Ustasha.