Season 1 Episode 3

Hit and Run

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 1994 on NBC

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  • Excellent episode, so fast paced and engrossing.

    So I bought the first season of ER ages ago and only watched the first three episodes - I enjoyed them greatly but just got distracted. This one really got me back into watching it, it was brilliant. From start to finish it was fast paced but flowed so, so well. I found myself interested in all the patients -the man having the affair being an amusing highlight.

    I felt for Carter with his first dealing with parents of the dead. It was a hard scene to watch but really makes you like the character. Loved how his faith was restored with the pregnancy at the end. Loved how Susan was right about a patient despite what Benton said. Plus he got a shouting to when he failed to do family stuff.

    But the ending was great, Carol storming after Doug...then she roared at him, her character really stood out here. Very powerful finish. Honestly I can't wait to watch more!
  • Carol tries to make Doug understand that some things cannot be and Carter... he is trying to first time tell the parents that their son is dead ... the wrong parents, to be exact.

    This episode had the catching beginning - the little boy with hearing problem and how it came out that the problem is not the son but.. the mother and when Doug asks who is Diana and she starts to yell - really catching and interesting case.

    The title of the episodes referees to the young student brought in after car accident - he dies and Benton makes Carter to find the boy's parents. he calls them, asks to come over and then tells. When they go to see the body they say - it is not our son. Poor Carter - all the hard time he took to be ready and tell that and to find out - he just disappointed Benton. Not easy.

    Also Doug... he is not getting over what Carol said him last episode and he is having problems with accepting things other than this in the episode. he ends up in the middle of the night at her doorstep with flowers and really makes Carol mad. All the words she yells at him in the train stop - it really opened more of us Carol and Doug's chars and I most admit - Carol is one of the most interesting and vice-versa characters so far. Maybe she has got more screentime and focus than others but I am so glad they decided to keep her.
  • ...

    I liked the episode. It was a generally good one, with some nice bits. Particularly enjoyed the ending - that one is just a classic ER scene, early Ross-Hathaway that I've always remembered.

    ER docs/nurses/admin staff have always been very good at dealing with kids, and they were no different this episode - it was a nice scene when Carol first found Ozzy behind the curtains, and it was funny when Jerry showed him a 'diseased gall bladder'. It was also good to see Ross making-up for his earlier mistakes later on in the episode.

    I felt that the Carter storyline could have been done better - there were a lot of long close-ups on Carter's face this episode but his main event, with the mixing-up of the dead teenager's indentity was rushed and could have been handled with a lot more sensitivity and signifiacne. When I read the episode synopsis on the DVD case before watching it, I thought that Carter's mistake would be a large and tragic part of the episode, but having watched it I'm not sure I would remember it now if I hadn't been waiting for it in the first place. Perhaps there could have been more focus on the (wrong) parents' grief before Carter's mistake was revealed. Although I thought he was good with the second lot of parents - he seemed, IMO, a lot better than Benton at revealing news of the death - Benton was weirdly unsympathetic.

    Plus the whole life-reaffirming birth thing was done just a few episodes ago for Carter's sake - did we really need a repeat in this ep?

    I wonder if surgeon Sarah is in the season more? I don't really remember her from previous viewing.

    The wheelchair spinning around the first time was funny - classic ER moment (as was the bit where Mark and Susan moaned in time with the drug addict). And the scene when the man's phone made everything go manic was also quite good. I couldn't believe how big his phone was - 1994 mobiles! The patient was one who's popped up time and time again throughout ER - person making themself sick because of too much work, but it was done gently and fit with the episode.

    Again, more hints at Mark's future separation from Jen.
    And Benton's family/medicine plot just beginning.

    We also immediately see how unfit for Psyche is Civ (?) in his scene with Susan - where she seemed unsympathetic, or was that just me? He's extremely different from later more optimistic versions of Psyche docs such as Kim Legaspi.

    Other patients were fine too. The whole man gets ill during sex and comes in with/handcuffed to prostitute/secret lover only to be discovered by wife has been done time and time again but was vaguely amusing.
  • A ER case that my doctor told me about

    I would be embarsed to be that women that went it just for gas loard knows I would be thinking to my self how could I have over reacted like that althogh I have had my share of ER visits were it truned out to be nothing and felf bad and gulity about it. It is like calling wolf with out relizing it and puting other people in jepority with out relizing it and it makes me feel guilty personaly although my moms fav saying is that it is better to be safe then sorry so all in all I don\'t blam her for going to the ER it would have been far wors in the long run to die of heart faliler then to go to the ER and experince a little embrasement
  • Carol tells Doug how it isn't going to be, and Carter must tell the parents of a hit and run victim there son is dead.

    Fantastic Episode.

    Doug sees a child with a mom who need psych treatment. Carol disagrees with Doug lying to the boy about the mom's condition.

    Carter is having a hard time with the death of a teen aged boy that was the victim of a hit and run.
    Carter has to tell the parents their son is dead.

    Benton lets down his brother in law on his tenth anniversary.

    Doug shows up at Carols house only to find Tag there. Doug makes up a lame excuse and leaves.
    Carol chases after him and catches up with him at the L station.
    Here carol tells Doug how it is going to be. Absolutely love this scene. It is one of my all time favorites.