Season 7 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2000 on NBC

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  • A fight in ER

    Carter is getting out of rehab and going back to Chicago. He already manages to get into the trouble in plain as he do not follow the rules.

    On Er, a boy from football match is brought in. First it looks not too bad, but when they are doing simple procedure, Mark hits artery and he is bleeding out. On the same time some other players are also brought in and when Mark tells to the mother that his son may not survive, there starts a fight. Weaver shows some brave moves.

    Carter comes to hospital, saws the sirens and leave.. Lot of action but not too exciting or too much story.
  • The start of many new things to come...

    I thought that this episode was absolutley fantastic and is one of my new favorites. In this episode, so much happens. You find out that Jing-Mei is pregnant, Carter is going to have a rough road to recovery, and that Abby needs to go back to being a nurse. Many other things happen while you have this constant storyline playing underneath all of the main character drama. The main problem is that one Chicago area school was having their homecoming and throughout the episode different people are being brought in because of this fight there was because someone attacked the main football player, finally by the end there was a huge fight in the middle of the ER. Its episodes like these that make you want to watch the series!
  • This is an excellent way to start a new season. Dr. Robert Romano proves himself again. Dr. John Carter is dealing with addiction. Dr. Elizabeth Corday and Dr. Mark Greene add the humor to the episode.

    Who gets poison ivy on his twins from Australia!? Elizabeth and Mark...they make a loving and exciting couple. It is not Doug and Carol, but that it good too. Why do the same material?

    It is interesting that Dr. Benton is the person who takes John to the detox center and is responsible to pick him up. Shows a unique relationship.

    The background story with the garbage and dirty linens makes the episode even more complex. This is a will written episode.

    Luka deals with the death of the elderly woman well. He is stretching the rules, but that is the compassion element, right?