Season 6 Episode 9

How the Finch Stole Christmas

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 16, 1999 on NBC

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  • Gifts for guns...

    A Christmas episode and really good one. They have had good Christmas episodes before but this one.. the guns theme.. and Lucy taking helping patient to the new level. It was so good to see her on the action again as I have felt like lately - she has been much on the background, not getting character development and not being so much on action. But this episode - the goodness and the sincereness of Lucy - it was all there with her not giving up attitude. To go to Romano's door - it was brave.

    I did not like only Elizabeth storyline - maybe because all the other storylines were just perfect. Oo.. and Carol back on hospital, just with her kids but still.. And Kovac... Is it only me or is there some sparkles?

    beautiful episode and lovely title choice.
  • Another Christmas episode of ER. Again a mixture of funny and tragic. Best news is for Benton as Reece will not be moving to Germany.

    Its Christmas in Chicago. Carol brings in the twins as she is worried about Kate. Luka works on her, but she is fine. At the end of the shift he takes them home and shares eggnog with Carol.
    John treats a GSW patient and finding a gun on him starts offering gifts for guns. He makes quite a collection by the end of the shift. Sadly the original GSW victim returns and a 7 year old boy has been killed in the process, making John wonder just why he bothered. He also treats a little boy who has caught himself in his zipper. The father’s expressions are just brilliant, especially when John says he is going to have to cut it off – meaning the zipper!!!

    Cleo is once again treating a boy who drinks too much, but who's Mother does too and doesn't see it as a problem. Cleo manages to get him admitted for detox, thus stealing his Christmas.

    Anspaugh gives both Benton and Corday advice, when they both have emotional patients to deal with. Corday is still treating the kidnapper/murderer, who is refusing surgery for a clot in his leg. Benton gets good news from Carla, they are no longer going to Germany.

    Lucy treats a young woman, (Valerie) her own age, who is in heart failure and needs a new heart now. She manages to get hold of a device which will prolong her life, but has to go to Romano’s house to persuade him to do the operation. He does, but afterwards, when seeing the recovering patient, he tells Lucy he will have to punish her, or his reputation will be damaged. Valerie calls Lucy ‘doctor’…
  • ...

    The best thing about the episode was probably Lucy and her efforts to help a young woman. Lucy really showed us what she was made of this episode, a lot of guts and determination, and it was nice to see.

    Amazingly cute were Carol's twins! How adorable! And especially the Luka/Carol interaction, they have great chemistry.