Season 6 Episode 7

Humpty Dumpty

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 1999 on NBC

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  • Struggle for life...

    The episode really worked with the contrasts and dilemmas it offered. First Cordey who threatens patient to tell where his victim is or she won't save him. That story,I think, will somehow continue, if the man survives. But then she comes in with the patient and does everything she can to save him.

    On the same time his victim, young woman, is also brought in. She is badly wounded and on the other trauma room Kovac and Weaver do everything they can, but she still dies. No justice in this world.

    We also see the aftermath of Dr. Lawrence storyline. He tries to put things together and work out a way for himself. And somehow he has to get over his pride - and it seems he does. He is just so smart and somehow irreplaceableness as it is seen when Carter does not know what to do. beautiful episode.
  • Two fathers and two sons are in the spot light in this episode. One father leaves to be with his son and one father comes to be with his son. Well done!

    Thanksgiving is are is Dr Greene's father. Now that Mark's mother has passed, Mark's father needs him. Just as another father needs his son. Dr. Lawrence leaves the hospital and into his son's life. David Greene comes to the hospital and into his son's life.

    Carol is making it by day. Everyone is the audience can feel her pain. We all are glad that she had the support of her co-workers. Even Dr. Corday is good hearted and generous with Mark's time. She understands that Mark needs to be ther for Carol since Doug is somewhere in the northwest....
  • Mark has his father coming to visit and sees things from a different perspective through talking with Gabe. It is a clever use of parallels. Elizabeth uses her power over his life to force a criminal to reveal the whereabouts of his victim.

    We see Dr Lawrence undergoing tests to enter a drugtesting programme at County. He talks with Mark Greene about the future. Mark has called his son and urges Gabe to accept his son’s help, if it is offered. Through this you can imagine Mark’s thoughts about his own father, who is coming to stay for Thanksgiving. The links are subtle, but the message is clear.
    Luka returns and has to deal with a sensitive case with Kerry. At the end of the shift she offers him a full time position, which he accepts.
    Carol is increasingly immobile, and knows it is time to rest, but is reluctant to stop working.
    Dr Lawrence helps Carter by identifying a patient has strychnine poisoning, showing he still has great skills, even though his life as a doctor is over. Kerry’s facial expressions at losing her mentor and friend are very moving. In fact this series of episodes with Gabe have shown that there is a vulnerable side to her and that whilst she wanted to protect him because he was her hire, she also cared deeply for the person and did not want to lose him. That contrasts strongly with the way that she has let Jeanie go without any leaving do etc.
    Corday attends a roadside crash and withholds treatment to force a criminal to reveal where he has left the woman he abducted. She repeatedly saves his life through the episode, even though her personal feelings wish him dead. The woman is found, but dies in the ER – Luka and Kerry’s sensitive case.