Season 12 Episode 9

I Do

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 01, 2005 on NBC

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  • A beautiful one..

    Gallant is back and.. she wants to marry Neela, on that day.. but she thinks it is too crazy. But that is not the only crazy thing around. Clemente and Kovac are having agreeing spreed.. and it looks quite weird.. and makes Abby's treating much harder - plus she has a patient who does not want nothing to do with x-rays and most common medical things.. and in the end it comes out that little boy has AIDS and her mother has been the virus barer for many years.

    And Weaver... she has lost her skills with emergency medicine as it looks..and Morris has his hour to shine... And in the end.. we do have weddings.. :D
  • Another classic E.r episode they just keep coming!

    yipeeee so happy abby and luka get together in this epi and luka's singing was great! After having waited so long then to get this is awesome!!! It was a bit akward for a while but then they kissed and it was like wowowowowow hopefully this shows great things for the pair of them for future episodes! i hope!!!!!!

    The whole neela and gallant thing is great too they are soo sweet together! oh and then the bit:

    Abby: Ah, young love. They just have to show it off to everybody. (Turning to the bar, with drinks in hand)
    Luka: Here's to... discretion.
    Abby: Propriety.
    Luka: Maturity.
    Abby: Well...
    Luka: No. No, not that. This was classic loved it ! overall i think this episode was very love orientated and v well written!
  • I am glad Gallant is back, I hope he stays!

    Seeing Gallant and Neela getting married so impulsive makes me think that something bad is about to happen. They seemed so happy and make a great couple. They are so cute together!
    I hope Gallant stays around, I really like his character and the caring nature of his character.

    It is good to see Weaver back in the ER. I like storylines with her in it and as one of the longest cast members still in it I think she should be in it a bit more.

    Kovac and Abby together ... I am glad because I didn't like him with Sam.
  • not enough words to descirbe.

    the only part of this episode i really enjoyed was toward the end. Luka previously told Abby that they should just be friends but this ending. I loved it. Hearing Luka sing Copa Cobana made me want the song. The end, lets describe it.

    The kiss. The makeout. The bed. And more.

    Will it last? it better! They really work well together and there has always been a connection between them.
  • "Thank Goodness Abby was there to combat all that floating testesterone" And the rating is mostly thanks to the end!

    wow wow wow wow WOW!!!!!

    That ending!!!

    It's the best thing since Wake-Up!!!

    So many smiles

    Quick thoughts:
    LUKA IS CHIEF! I think I was quite glad that Clemente withdrew his name and Luka won. I think it might have been a little too self-holying had Luka officially beaten Clemente.
    Didn't like the Kerry writing...but will we see more?
    Morris is improving
    AIDS family will probably return
    Great KJ (?) story-line involving racism. I loved the racism story-line, it was really well done. Especially from Pratt's perspective. And it was nice to see a Father who would completely fight for his child's rights.


    Luka singing!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how amazing!!!!!!!! I loved his singing! I am actually quite tone deaf myself, but that was the best part of the episode for me He was so sweet in a 'ah, bliss' sort of a way!

    the best bit of the episode was definitely the ending, though I did appreciate other bits. But it was like 'Wake Up' for me, in that I really enjoyed the whole episode and then the five minutes at the end had me loving it even more!

    Maureen was also great. Her line (x 2) was delivered just perfectly. I loved the character that the writers and casting staff managed there, in such a small part. 'm always emphasising what great casters ER have even for the tiny parts!).

    The write-up in my t.v. magazine was quite funny. It was discussing the agreeing competition between Luka and Clemente and said something along the lines of "Thank God Abby was there to lower all that testosterone!"

    Do you know another thought I had this episode (which I think I also had a couple of episodes ago), we're seeing quite a bit of a Neela/Dubenko workin thing. In season 11 we moslty saw Dubenko with Abby out of the three R2 but once they got the remaining Dubenko/Abby/lust plot out of the way, they've been allowing Neela to learn as his student instead this season.

  • great example

    this was really above average. The mother who refused to treat her son was completely unbelievable,that anyone would do that to their child.. Neela looked great in her tradional outfit, even tho later episodes don't bode well for the happy couple, the beginning of Luka and Abby well worth watching
  • fien example why i see the show and is the best show ever for years

    this episode is another reason why i like to see week by week this show. Is nice to see that even if soem founders and key actors have left that show goes onn and it does not appear to be slowing down in ratings. I will be on the look out to see how more exicting this show gets
  • Somewhat disappointed.

    I am disappointed to Abby and Luka\'s new adventure of no longer \"just friends\". I was hoping that Luka and the nurse Sam will get back together again but I guess not anymore. I just could not believe that Luka got over his feelings for Sam that quick. They were so in love before and really cute together. Plus, Luka has been a great \"father figure\" for Sam\'s son.
  • Good episode, had lots of stories and hidden meanings woven throughout the entire episode.

    This was a pretty good episode. The after party for Gallant and Neela was true ER form with everyone celebrating together. However, the last scene with Luka and Abby was by far awesome! I always enjoy how the writers use the title of the episode throughout the episode itself. Every week, I find myself searching for the hidden meaning of the title. This episode title definitely had several meanings.
  • It's wedding bells for Neela and Gallant or is it.

    There were two stories in this episode. The first was the nuptials between Gallant and Neela. There quicky romance is capped by a quicky engagement bu will it lead to a quicky maggiage?
    The second story was, in Law and Order fashion, rippd from the headlines. A mother, who is HIV positive doesn't believe that HIV causes AIDS and so, hasn't had her children tsted or treated for the disease.
  • Gallant and Neela, ER's new great couple

    This episode was pretty good, several great storylines were enough to overcome some not so great ones. The wedding was a fun scene, and I think it was the best wedding in ER history. I hope for the best for Cpt and Dr Michael Gallant. Luka singing Copacabana was pretty funny, even though he was a little off on the words. The AIDS storyline was good for World AIDS Day, but that mom was goofy. I think what she did was wrong and should be considered child endangerment, not to mention stupidity. The whole Luka-Clemente thing was crazy, but I'm glad Luka is gonna be chief of the ER, and I think most ER fans are.
  • One word "AWESOME"

    I really liked this episode. I am happy for Gallant and Neela: although they didnt look happy on the train at the end. Clemente wasnt so bad in this episode. I really liked it when he told the mother of the little boy she was crazy. Bye Weaver! You have been upstairs so long you dont know proper procedures in the er. Morris finally breaks through. Luka and Abby, finally. They really just seem to click this time. I agree with the other writer, that this should work this time because they have had such bad luck with romance lately. The singing in the car was cute and then we all know what happens next, THE KISS, THE BED: Keep going. Cnat wait til next week.
  • Will it last?

    This question could apply to many people in the ER. Luka and Abby are too cute together, I forgot how much I love them as a couple because it has been a while since they have been together. But will it last? I hope so since Abby and Luka have had horrible love lives since being on the show. Nothing ever works out for them.

    Neela and Gallant. Too cute also, though I think that this was a little rushed, so will it last. I do not know I think that it will depend on if Gallant is back for good.

    This friendly competitivness between Luka and Dr. Celemente. Will it last? I am not going to hold my breath, exspecially with Luka's promotion.

    I love this show, will it last? I hope so, I know it has been going on a long time, but it still has its good moment. Cannot wait till next week.
  • Tonight's episode was EXACTLY the reason why ER is still going strong after 12 amazing seasons. What a FANTASTIC episode.

    Tonight's episode was EXACTLY the reason why ER is still going strong after 12 amazing seasons.

    What a FANTASTIC episode.

    After a child suffers from a serious form of pneumonia the doctors run some tests and realize that he may have HIV. After speaking to the mother, they find out that she doesn't believe in AIDS, that she knew she was infected with the disease for over 10 years and never believed in it ... having two kids who were obviously infected with disease. Dr. Clemente blows up in her face, as she may not be sick but her child now faces a life-threatning illness. In the end, Sam is able to convince the woman to let the doctors treat her son for HIV.

    Meanwhile, after finally returning from Iraq, Gallant surprises Neela when he asks for her hand in marriage. AFter much deliberation and hesitation from her part, Gallant convinces her that after all of the terrible things he's seen in Iraq, all he wants is for them to be together, and so she accepts. They get hitched, inviting the entire ER to the celebration.

    Also, Dr. Pratt's protoge CJ gets into serious trouble when a security guard "catches" him stealing on a security tape. After the father protests, Pratt finds out that there was never any security tape, and that they assumed CJ was the thief because he's black.

    Dr. Weaver finally returns to the ER and is surprised when she finds out her skills really are getting rusty, after her judgment is surpassed multiple times by Morris. And after a brief rivalry as co-acting chiefs, Clemente resigns from the race, officially making Kovac the new Chief Resident of the ER.

    Finally, after Kovac takes Abby home, things heat up as the two make up in the car, and end up in bed together. Don't miss the next exciting and dramatic episode of ER, a holiday theme next week.