Season 15 Episode 21

I Feel Good

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2009 on NBC

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  • Laughs and sweet moments!

    Banfield want to adopt the little boy that was abandoned at the ER a couple of weeks ago but the mom returns and wants to have it back. At the end they reach a deal and they would have an open adoption so the girl would be able to see the little boy...
    Simon gets sad when he sees that Neela is really happy next to Ray and things got worse when he receives the new that his friend is in the ICU rejecting the heart... But anyways he manages to help a kid on the heart camp.
    How funny was Morris and Gates singing and dancing at the stage? AWESOME! and I loved that Sam was there too, seems like things are maybe getting better for those 2 to get back together?
    And Morris proposing to Claudia was the cutest thing!!
    I'm really glad they are together.
    Felix and the girl in heart camp were cute too!:P And Morris with kids means a sweet moment for sure!:)
    All in all, another great chapter