Season 12 Episode 11

If Not Now

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 05, 2006 on NBC

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  • A great story told...

    I did love the story this episode told and what it wanted to see - the main focus was on Abby and her decision - to keep the baby or not. Something inside her wanted that but she afraid the illness and she was not sure.. So, Kovac, who definitely wants to have children and be together with Abby, treats a patient who is very young, deep catholic and was raped and now is pregnant. She does not want the baby but her parents and her religious - that is the whole other story. So, Neela in one point think that Kovac, being religious himself, is not giving him the change to be in the full interest on patient and that somehow works for him like a revelation and works it out with that girl and then goes and finds Abby... so.. I think great storytelling but nothing more.
  • A pregnant Abby struggles with the decision of whether or not to keep her baby, while Ray is forced to choose a career: medicine or his band.

    Great episode! The Abby storyline was fantastic, its good to see ER hasn't lost it's touch, and is gaining a comeback. Abby, after she discovers she is pregnant with Luka's baby, struggles with the decision to keep the baby, while Luka nearly lets his personal beliefs affect his job, when a 15 year old, Catholic girl turns up pregnant after being raped. Meanwhile, Ray is forced to choose whether or not he wants to be a doctor, or be part of his band when they get a recording deal in LA.

    I did think that it wasn't necessary to have flashbacks of Abby and Luka, we still got a good idea of what they were going through by the way they acted around each other, and the problems they face at work. Somehow, ER manages to pull of a serious storyline while also adding that extra humour, which is exactly why I love the show!
  • Yey a storyline with Weaver in it!

    Yey I was happy to see Weaver with a storyline on her for a change. Pitty it was because she was a patient but it could lead to more storylines with her in it and hpefully her son too.

    I hate the storyline with Clemente and his "girlfriend", I don't think he really knows what he wants!

    I am happy to see that Abby is keeping the baby. Although she has her concerns I think she will make a great parent ... and so will Luka. Like she said she is getting older and if not now when?
    I wonder how Sam will react???
  • amazing episode. Kept me at the edge of my seat.

    This episode is a very moving one. I could not believe in the first place that Abby and Luka were going to have a baby, but now they well more of she, faces the decision whether to keep it or not. The flashebacks give us a picture of what we missed over the Christmas and New Years. In the end, Luka thinks that Abby is going to have an abortion, but at the office we see ehr looking at the kids and seeing the pain in her eyes. I knew she wanted it all along but the doubt of the baby being bipolar really got to me and made me rethink like how she probably did. Luka knows that she went back throught the park and she was sitting there on the bench. Abby lets him talk for about 3 minutes and finally tells him that she wants them to have the baby. YAY! love that.

    The teenager and Abby made a really good connection so i knew that one would keep it and one would not.

    awesome and moving episode.
  • powerfull message

    this show has one of the best rating that i have seen and is not affraid to deliver a massage that is so touching and deep to many pople all over the world. The desition making prosses that involves the abortion or birht is well deliver by the directors in this show
  • not my favorite

    Well, I didn't hate the episode, but it wasn't my favorite. I think that it was somewhat of an unnecesary debate on abortion. I don't mind the debate on abortion, but I think this episode was a little too dedicated to it. I'm glad that Abby decided to go ahead and have the baby, it'll make for some great storylines down the road. I am Catholic, but I don't find it offensive to Catholics, because I understand Neela's view of Luka. I also don't necesarily disagree with the decision that Luka's patient made, because she was in a very difficult situation, having been raped. The flashbacks did make the episode a little confusing. All in all, this was a decent episode, but not my favorite
  • Abby is faced with the decision of whether or not to keep her unborn child. Ray tries to get time off to pursue his musical career. And Luka is faced with his own abortion related dilema.

    Wow. I never for a second thought that Abby would keep her baby. She was always so afraid to have commitment and she has already had one abortion. Also her fear of being similar to her own mother I thought would motivate her to get rid of her kid.
    I'm glad Ray is out of the band, that storyline was going to get unbelieveable soon and his music was bad anyways.
    Luka was very good this episode. The abortion with the Christian girl was quite moving. You really saw into his morals and his values.

    This is a great example of the shows realisticness (probably that isn't a word but oh well) all the characters are so multi-dimensional and complicated. You can never quite pin them down. Thats why I've been watching all these years.
  • Abby has to make the most difficult choice of a lifetime, on whether or not she is ready for a child. Ray gets a chance of a lifetime with his band, but will everything work out?? The police are after Clemente, let's see how he get's out of this on

    Even though this episode is not as eventful as most ER episodes are, it was an amazing to see how Abby made the choice of a lifetime (with Luka). I can't wait to see how motherhood treats her. I'm kind of happy they kicked Ray out of his band, i was always fustrated with him having to juggle between the 2, know he can focus on the most important job. Neela was amazing, how she stood up to Luka just shocked me (in a good way). I really like Clemente, i don't want to see him go to jail or anything, even though John Leguizamo is only a guest star i would love to see him become a regular. Now for the big question, Boy or Girl??
  • Emmy worthy performances for Maura Tierney and Goran Visnjic!

    This is one of the best episodes of ER, that has been on in a while. It was so good. Maura Tierney(Abby) showed her emotions so poinently. I felt for her and was rooting for her the whole way to keep the baby. I think this is a great stroyline. Abby needs something goof to happen in her storyline. Her storylines have always ended sadly it seems. I just can not get over how much I loved this episode. How everything that Abby came across somehow reminded her of the child she was caring and the decision she had to make. I was really happy that in the end she decided to keep it. That seemed to be the major storyine through the whole episode. But I do have to wonder if Ray will get his job back since he quite to go to CA with his band, but his band kicked him out.
  • Abby is pregnant has trouble deciding whether to keep it or not. Ray gets kicked off his band. Clemente's struggle with Jodie and her husband continues. Can't wait for next week.

    I love the flashbacks which gave us a chance to see what happened. Abby not being able to decide about the baby and then keeping the baby is a given. I would have felt bad for Luka if this would have turned out otherwise. I was hoping to see Zoey and the conflict between Gallant and Neela but I guess I have to wait. The music at the end was great. The preview for next week is awesome! Already I'm dying for next thursday's episode. CAN'T WAIT!
  • Great Episode...

    It was a very well planned episode. I enjoyed the contrast between Abby and the religious teenager; the teenager chose to terminate the pregnancy while Abby decided to keep the baby. I enjoyed the flashbacks, but just one or two would have been enough. I think they could have spend a little more time about Kerry and her hip replacement than they did. They barely discussed it for five minutes. I was cheering for Neela when she defended her patient to Luka, it took a lit of guts on her part to do so. I was also glad when Luka agreed with her and helped the patient. Overall, very good episode that reminds me why I watch the show. They need more episodes like this one.
  • A very good episode. The second in a row.

    This episode, while some parts were done in flashback style to some up what has gone on since the two weeks since Abby told Luka she was pregnant at Christmas was well done. We see Abby struggling with the decision to keep or not to keep the baby. She thinks Luka is being selfish because she thinks he just wants someone to have a baby with and that nothing else will matter. She also thinks the baby could be bipolar as is her mother and brother. But she also wander "If Not Now When". I think she made the right choice and that her and Luka would be good parents. I was hoping Clemente was going to jump. And Ray getting fired from his band was fitting ,besides Weaver told him he had become a good doctor. After the previews for next week I cant wait.
  • So Abby is pregnant I would have felt better if Carter was the father but it Kovac so its not all bad.Ray gets kicked form is band,OUCH. Kerry has to get hip replacement Double Ouch. Who cares about Clemente?! Whats up with Neela- hope no divo

    I think that it would have been stupid if Abby had another abortion. What would have been the point having her get pregnant again for? So, all the deliberation and drawn out stuff to us regular ER watchers was unnecessary, But i guess the writers are looking out for those newwatchers so...

    I for one am glad that Neela and Gallant got married, not so fond of the timing but glad for the wedding nonetheless. Does that mean that Gallant gonna be a regular again? I hope, cause he was(is) cute.

    Whats Clemente for? He serves no purpose, just take up screen time. If he doesnt do something soon.. then something is gonna do him!

    Why is it that all the original stars of the show are gone? Will Susan ever come back? I want her to come back.
    FYI: Noah Wyle (John Carter) coming back later in this season to guest star for some episodes. Can hardly wait!

  • One of the best episodes in years.

    No gimmicks, nothing outlandish happening, no nausea inducing overdone melodrama - just some good solid writing and performances to carry the episode. I've felt bored watching ER for quite a while, but this episode brought me out of that funk for an hour.

    All of the characters that needed to be emphasized got it in an old school fashion that didn't resort to any kind of 'why the hell did they do that?' type of way that didn't involve something really out there like marriage, missing children, kidnapping, or statutory rape.

    Unnecessary flashbacks? Not. The episode wouldn't have worked as well as it did without them. Clemente's subplot being unnecessary? Again, not. They've done a great job with the slow burn of his character that you just know will end in an explosion. Tonights ep finally lit the fuse to it. I can't wait for the next episodes where the seem to pick apart a lot of the goofiness that they wrote in the past several episodes.
  • Good episode

    Abby pregnant and keeping the baby. She will start smoking and drinking again. It was a solid episode. Especially the exchanges between Luka and Neela where done well. Hopefully, they will finally give the poor Doc what he has been wanting for a long time...a family. And what\'s with Clemente and the girl, I think she could go away and we\'d not miss that subplot. I can\'t wait for the next episode. Looks good.
  • Good episode! The song at the end is Damien Rice. The song is Cold Water.

    I thought it was very well placed. It is nice to see religion and politics sewn into the script. I will definately continue watching - cannot wait to see what the big arguement is about and how Abby will anounce her pregnancy to the rest of the staff! (That should be interesting!)
  • Unnecessary flashbacks.

    The episode itself was OK. Abby deciding to keep the baby was not exactly surprising. Seen it a million times on daytime and prime-time dramas. Woman gets pregnant, then doesn't know what she wants to do, then makes an appointment to have an abortion, then not-so-surprisingly decides to keep it. Also, the flasbacks served no purpose. It was clear from the opening teaser that Abby wasn't sure she wanted to do about her pregnancy and was scared to death. After the second flashback I thought to myself "OK, writers, we get it. She's scared she'll be a bad mom, she's not sure what she should do. Got it!"
  • Subjects approached with thought, presentation of choices well done. Who sang the song at the end of the episode? It's driving me nuts, know the voice, and would like to know artist and song.Great music!

    Love the fact that choices were well presented in a number of scenerios. Get rid of that dorky redhead good for nothing Dr. We cannot even look at him. Maybe that makes his character better than we think. He is a loser, and has a very poor work ethic. Makes people take notice in this society of character, ethics, etc,. We love the show,and feel that it is time for Luca to have a family and they do have chemistry. Good move.
  • I luv this episode. But I'm kind of mad by the fact nbc advertised the aurgument between Neela and Gallant.

    I luv this episode. But I'm kind of mad by the fact nbc advertised the aurgument between Neela and Gallant. I'm glad Abby choose to keep the baby. I started to doubt her for a minute but i knew she would pull through. Abby and Luka make a great couple. Sad what happened to Kerry. Hope she recovers. I definatly cant wait until next week epsodes. I want to know whats goin to go down between Neela and Michael. (I think Abby is gonna ask Neela if she would be the god-mother)
  • good

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