Season 8 Episode 10

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 2001 on NBC

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  • Good Bye, Peter Benton...

    First as there were some minutes left, I thought - it is not so good good-bye episode as I hoped but some of the last scenes changed it. Most of the episode it was the battle for Reese. Court and tension between Benton and Rogers. But from the moment when they were decorating the Christmas tree... it was beautiful scene.. and it felt like there it is going to end.

    But then... Benton's last day on County. The last operation and the way he saved that kid's life. And those looks and words he said.. and the way Romano looked him - like totally wasted case. But the moment with Carter.. it is hard when some character who has been almost 8 years leave.. 8 years.. we have seen him coming from second year resident for a capable surgent.. seen him trough good and bad.. and to be honest, I would say, I want him not to leave.. if it would be my possibility, I would keep them all.
  • So Long Doctor Benton!

    In Eriq La Salle's last full time episode, he makes a cameo in two other episodes. His character of Peter Benton is sort of in the same situation Julianna Marguiles was a few years back, he is in the crossroads of his life, Cleo is gone to Schaumburg and well he is in serious jeopardy of losing his son Reese to his ex-wife's husband Roger. Things are certainly turning bad for Doctor Benton. Eventually the Court rules that Benton works to much and has to quit his hours to take care of his son. So Benton tries to talk it out with Romano, who being the selfish jerk doesn't give Benton what he needs. So Peter quits the ER, and while working on his last surgery with Corday he pulls off an amazing miraculous save on a gunshot victim before signing out for the last time and staring at Romano without saying a word. Eventually Benton moves to Schaumburg and settles down with Cleo and his son Reese, and in the final scene an ode to the first 3 seasons, Benton encounters Carter who gives him a subway token as they hug and Carter tells Benton, "Peter because of you I'm a good Doctor." to which Benton replies, "No, You're Not. Keep Trying." Good episode, Eriq La Salle was an underrated and great force in ER. See Ya Doctor Benton.
  • A Christmas gift for all ER fans

    The storyline of Dr Benton's custody case certainly didn't turn out the way I expected it would. It was nice to see Peter end up with custody of his son. Even if he wasn't really Reese's biological father, he was the one who took care of him as a baby when he was in the NICU. I really loved the ending of this episode with Peter, Cleo and Reese at home decorating the house. It was heartbreaking to see the kid that was shot by his mom, that woman should face some type of criminal charges, she shot a six year-old, that is a crime.
  • Benton leaving and it\'s christmas time. Although Carter isn\'t as happy as he hoped he would...

    IMO it mostly circled around BEnton\'s departure and it was overall well written. I\'m glad Reese stayed with Benton because it would be said if he didn\'t. Also I liked how his last surgical thing at the hospital was done really well and how Benton didn\'t want to give up. Showed everybody what kind of surgeon they were letting go.
    And nice that they had a nice goodbye scene for Carter and Benton. After all those things they have been through together it was a nice goodbye. Well written!

    Besides the benton story there was some about the Carter issue and the fact that his parents got a divorce. Really sad. Other then that it was an enjoyable episode! :)