Season 8 Episode 10

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 2001 on NBC

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  • Good Bye, Peter Benton...

    First as there were some minutes left, I thought - it is not so good good-bye episode as I hoped but some of the last scenes changed it. Most of the episode it was the battle for Reese. Court and tension between Benton and Rogers. But from the moment when they were decorating the Christmas tree... it was beautiful scene.. and it felt like there it is going to end.

    But then... Benton's last day on County. The last operation and the way he saved that kid's life. And those looks and words he said.. and the way Romano looked him - like totally wasted case. But the moment with Carter.. it is hard when some character who has been almost 8 years leave.. 8 years.. we have seen him coming from second year resident for a capable surgent.. seen him trough good and bad.. and to be honest, I would say, I want him not to leave.. if it would be my possibility, I would keep them all.
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