Season 10 Episode 14

Impulse Control

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2004 on NBC
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Sam treats a mother whose family was in a car accident and a 16-year-old pregnant girl whose boyfriend loaned her out to his friends. With Alex at a sleepover, she gets lonely and heads over to Luka's, where they consummate their relationship. Carter shows Kem the city and proposes they move into a townhouse he bought for them, but she leaves to go back to Africa for a while. A Human Resources consultant is sent to the ER to observe the staff. Morris chokes on a french fry and Sam performs the Heimlich on him.moreless

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  • Noone can control the things happening...

    I loved this episode.. I am not sure.. maybe because it was so emotional, the patient cases - that man whose life is saved by his car accident.. but he crashing into the other cars leaves many causalities. And the one family...who was on that crash ... the boy and father is hardly injured, daughter missing. And the way both boy and father die and the monologue of that woman - it was so beautiful.

    And the case with that girl who was so loved on his boyfriend but he.. another sad story and really moved and caught Sam.. I think first storyline where I liked her... but the ending.. I do not know.. :Smoreless
  • Funny, but just not ER.

    The episode was hilarious, funny, especially when Sam uses self defence on a man who trys to stop her from calling the police, but yet somehow, the episode was out of character for ER. What do I mean? Well for one, hardly anything happened, and it was mainly focused on personal dramas rather than medical storys. And Sam... argh. This was the period where she absolute annoyed the heck out of me. And the ending, no, no, no. Sam and Luka? Yuck! But I have to admit, I did love the song that was played at the end of the episode: "Here with me" by Dido. It's the perfect song. Pity it couldn't of have been used in a different and better episode.moreless
  • If you\'re son isn\'t home, why you have to stay if you could go away and get laid?

    All the week, i have been dying tio see this episode and now when i have the oportunity, to wash it i couldn\'t becase my mother was bossing aorind me.

    Well the part that i see was when Sam kick the guy, because he didn\'t want her to call the police, that was soo good. I hate that the little kid die, that was so sad. And that the boyfriend let her friends abuse of her.

    The part that i was must wanting to see, was when Sam and Luka have sex and that was the part that i enjoy the least because by that time, i was sooo angry with her, my mom, not Sammoreless
Richard Kline

Richard Kline

Arnie Nadler

Guest Star

Jacqueline Williams

Jacqueline Williams

TSA Guard

Guest Star

Danny Soso

Danny Soso


Guest Star

Yvette Freeman

Yvette Freeman


Recurring Role

Troy Evans

Troy Evans


Recurring Role

Scott Grimes

Scott Grimes

Dr. Archie Morris

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Title: "Impulse Control"
      The episode title comes from a portion of dialog that Kerry says to Sam: "It's clear to everyone that you have an impulse control problem."

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Kem: (Carter is cooking breakfast) Did you lock Emily in the guesthouse?
      Carter: No, I gave her the day off. She's convinced that we're gonna burn the house down.
      Kem: Oh, let's! And then we can run off to the jungle and live off sticks and berries.
      Carter: Is my cooking that bad?

    • Alex: (about his friend Austin's family) They always pray before they start eating. You have to bow your head and stuff, it's weird.
      Sam: Just be respectful. Think about something else.
      Alex: Like what?
      Sam: I don't, dinosaurs, cannibalism.

    • Sam: When I finally figured out where the clinic was, I sat in the waiting room and when they called my name I couldn't get up. The second time I went, I was too late. And now I look at Alex...
      Abby: The clinic I went to had a Strawberry Shortcake poster. I just looked at that the whole time.

    • Arnie Nadler: This place is a disaster. I've never seen anything like it. I've witnessed your workers engaging in bullying, hostility, violence, inappropriate touching...
      Kerry: Oh, come on. We have a good staff. They do their best.
      Arnie Nadler: You have a bunch of walking lunatics on your hands! Doctors yelling, nurses beating up patients. You need to start firing people immediately!
      Kerry: Fine. You're fired.
      Arnie Nadler: What?
      Kerry: Don't come back tomorrow.
      Arnie Nadler: You won't be meeting the terms of the legal settlement.
      Kerry: So sue me! Again! What else is new.

    • Abby: What are we gonna throw all our TB patients in jail? Cause I'm telling you...
      Pratt: No, just this one in particular.
      Abby: ...If this is the way we treat people with TB they're gonna stop coming to this hospital.
      Pratt: Abby, it's not like they all go clubbing together.

    • Arnie Nadler: Hi, i want to talk about the incident with Dr. Morris.
      Sam: It was no incident, it was a french fry.

    • Frank: You waiting for Weaver?
      Sam: Yeah.
      Morris: Well, don't hit her. She's crippled.
      Frank: Ha ha ha ha ha!

    • Frank: (to Susan) Are you getting married, or is that kid going to be a bastard?
      Abby: Shut up, Frank.

  • NOTES (2)