Season 1 Episode 4

Into That Good Night

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 1994 on NBC

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  • A heart moving story of man who needs heart..

    It was so beautiful episode - the way the story was so many layered, complex but still catching and able to sympathize. The way it affected Mark. It was just so beautiful. The beauty of this episode was the complex story and how we from time to time learn more about that man. How he first is just another patient but comes more and more close to the staff and us as a viewer when story develops. The last scenes - the good bye with his family and that little girl asking Mark why he cannot fix him. I cried. Oh, how long have I waited for something that would make me cry - move me so much. This episode really did it. It was just beautiful.. so beautiful..
  • A man named Sam Gasner comes into the ER, in desperate need of a heart.

    This episode is one of the saddest in all of ER.

    A man named Sam Gasner comes in, in need of a heart transplant immediately. He will not make it through the night without the transplant. Fearing the worst "Do I look like I'm stupid, doc? You versus God. We know who wins." he calls his wife and daughter in Cleveland, because he was in Chicago for a convention.

    The saddest part by far was when Sam talked to his daughter. His daughter then asked Dr. Greene "Why can't you fix him?" in what may be the saddest child-crying scene in the history of television.

    Ross helps a young girl with her asthma by buying her medications while the mom attempts to get on Medicaid. It was nice to see how devoted Dr. Ross was to his patients.

    Susan treats a college student who has drank too much. It was nice to see this case, and see Susan teach the kid a lesson!
  • Why Can't you Fix Him?

    "Why can't you fix him?" A quote from patient Sam's daughter, to Mark. I think that sums it all up. If you like to cry during a drama, this is a good episode for you.

    The girl who played this part, delivered that line better than anybody possibly could. She says it with such sadness and anger. I'm sure Mark wanted to find a hole to crawl into at that point. Any story line that involves a person dying at a young age it a tough one. The reaction from the family, especially a child: All I can say is Wow.

    Doug spends his own money and his own time to buy asthma medicine for a girl, whose mom cannot afford it. We start to see who Doug really is. He cares for his patients a lot, and will give of himself to see them get better. Especially the children, which is why he probably became a pediatrician.

    This was a great overall episode for both Mark and Doug.
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