Season 8 Episode 15

It's All in Your Head

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2002 on NBC

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  • Focused episode... The plot thickens.

    Luka at the beginning and end though- so cute! After the last episode Im starting to enjoy him on screen again. So sad about Mark and Elizabeth the drama between them is real but I'd prefer for them to make amends quickly before Mark gets any worse.
  • Mark and his secrets...

    Mark has tumor back but he does not share it with anyone except Susan who is taking care of her even though he doesn't want it. Elizabeth knows nothing and thinks that she has left Mark as she still blames him on what happened. She shares it with Benton (so great to see him back, even for moment and they still have best move he ever made in opening credits)

    mm.. on the other storylines - nothing too impressive but everything good was represented - really moving and shocking cases like that little girl who shot his father as he said he will shoot her if she wouldn't turn the tv down.. so she shot first..

    And Abby and Luka in the end.. beautiful episode.
  • Mark still hasn't told Elizabeth or Rachel about his tumour returning. After a visit to NY he knows that the prognosis is very bad. Abby is back at work after the beating and both Carter and Luka are concerned. Luka offers her a place to stay.

    Luka comes driving into the ER in his new sports car with a police escort. Abby takes him some xrays to look at and he thanks her for saving him from a big fine for speeding. Mark cannot find the right time to tell Elizabeth about his new treatment plan. He undergoes gamma radiation and was going home alone, til Susan accompanies him home and cares for him.
    Elizabeth meets with Benton to discuss old cases and has to admit to him she doesn't know what her feelings are for Mark anymore.

    A nurse from Mercy comes in for her husband who is badly burnt, but when she discovers he was taking drugs she no longer wants to know. Elizabeth and Mar deal with the case, and Elizabeth especially wants the woman to give him a second chance. This flies in the face of her attitude towards Rachel after the ecstasy incident.

    This episode is very sad as we learn that Mark is dying, and his wife and baby are living in a hotel, and not even sure that she wants to be with him.

    Abby discovers that Brian is not going to be prosecuted and that he was beaten up just hours after her attack. The district attorney says with irony that, of course, she didn't know about this, but of course she didn't until then. It never gets mentioned again though.
    When she goes home that evening she sees him returning to the house and decided maybe she should take up Luka's offer of accomodation. But when she gets to Luka's he has friends round. He persuades her to come in and help him, as he is losing at Pictionary!