Season 8 Episode 15

It's All in Your Head

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2002 on NBC



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    • (Abby is looking for an apartment)
      Malik: There's an old lady who's been sick on my floor.
      Abby: I don't know if I want to live in an apartment where somebody died.
      Malik: All you need is some Lysol and some air freshener and it's all good!

    • Romano: (to Corday) I'm beginning to think that ER stands for "everybody's retarded."

    • Gallant: Is there a lost and found box?
      Haleh: Yeah--someone stole it.

    • (Discussing Mark's brain tumor)
      Mark: Let them figure it out.
      Susan: So, you're going to keep this a secret and act like nothing's wrong until you pass out in public?
      Mark: The moment you tell them, they start treating you differently. They start giving you that look.
      Susan: What look?
      Mark: That look. That look like you're you're already gone. Believe me, I've seen it before.

    • (Jerry and Frank are discussing Frank's police buddies running a background check on Chen's friend)
      Frank: Malcontent.
      Jerry: Psycho-facist.
      Frank: Now, that's it!
      Chen: Hey, settle down you two!
      Frank: No, wanna start something, tough guy?
      Jerry: Bring it on, Gramps!
      Frank: Gramps?
      (Jerry and Frank start fighting)

    • (Abby goes to Luka's after seeing Brian going into her apartment block. A girl answers the door, so she turns to leave, but Luka calls her back)
      Abby: I'll see you tomorrow...
      Luka: No, you need a place to stay, let me help.
      Abby: It's ok really
      Luka: Please, for me, look, I need you. They are kicking my ass at Pictionary! Come on...

    • (Abby, Chuny and Malik are discussing apartments)
      Luka: Are you moving?
      Abby: Yeah. The freak who hit me moved back in.
      Luka: You can stay at my place till you find something else.
      Abby: Thanks. I don't know if that's a good idea.
      Luka: Why not?
      Chuny: Yeah, Abby. Why not?
      Abby: Don't you guys have something to do?
      (Abby and Luka walk into the hall)
      Luka: You should'nt have to leave your own place. I mean, he should be forced to move.
      Abby: He'll be in jail soon. I just don't know if I wanna live there after all this. What's with the car?
      Luka: Like it?
      Abby: It's kinda flashy.
      Luka: You only live once.
      Abby: Not if you keep driving like a maniac... You look kinda tired.
      Luka: Yeah. I was up late.
      Abby: Really? What's her name?
      Luka: Who?
      Abby: It's a joke, Luka.
      Luka: No, seriously. If you need a place.
      Abby: Thank you.
      Luka: You can stay as long as you need, and you only have to sleep with me on the weekends.
      Abby: Excuse me?
      Luka: It's a joke, Abby. It's a joke.

    • Susan: (to Mark) I'm taking you home right now, or I'm ratting you out to Weaver. What's it gonna be?

    • Carter: (to Abby, about Luka's black Viper) Nice car. Did he get the leopard print interior?

    • Greene: So, what are my options, other than sticking a shotgun in my mouth?

    • Mark: Oh God, I can't close my eye.
      Susan: I know of cowboys who sleep with one eye open.
      Mark: I'm glad you think this is funny.

    • Lewis: You have to eat.
      Greene: That's right, starve a cold, feed a tumor.

    • Frank: (to Weaver) I'm afraid somebody's pulling your leg there chief... so to speak...

    • Frank: (to Abby) You know lawyers; they're half as smart as doctors, but twice as sneaky.

    • Chen: You give a guy a hand release during Harry Potter and he wants to marry you!

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