Season 2 Episode 13

It's Not Easy Being Greene

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 01, 1996 on NBC

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  • How can you know what is enough?

    It's a good episode. The title don't make a false picture to this. I think that is really great the way that finishes, that talk between Susan and Mark is something very good to see. In that episode Green and everybody who see, can understand that anyone is perfect, and can do, or in the case save, everybody. Another thing that I realy like in this, was the boy who doesn't know what he is. The way that Dr Ross put the case, and the way that the nurse confronts him, is realy something to see. Sometimes we think that we are great persons and nothing shakes us, but is difficult talk about this, even today.
  • It's not easy to be dr. Greene

    Episode that change really nothing. We see the things that are mostly going around there - people come in, some get better, some leave, some have their problems, some die. And I think dr Greene, trying to fix it all, wouldn't be anything surprising but - it was his day off.

    I expected, by the title, this to be a little deeper look into dr. Greene's world but I was disappointed - there was not much to learn. I think the most important thing we learned about him was - he is a fighter. He wants that he is right and he is ready to do a lot of in that name. I do understand that but I imagine there would be many people who won't trough that trouble and risk.

    The only thing this episode has, was some new plots might be started - something Benton discovered, Carter's trouble and Greene's decision to fight with the case until he will get what he wants