Season 13 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on NBC

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  • Morris' show

    So, this is now Morris turn to shine and he does it. i think this is one of the first episodes he does this - is not some stupid doctor but has some emotions and really cares and have passion what he does. The ending with that patient.. it was so caring and from the heart.

    Neela is acting weird but I think I am getting now on the time as so many of my friends who have seen the future episodes have said Neela turns into weird. So, now is the time.

    Abby and Luka and those nannies.. they were really weird...
  • One of my favourite ER episodes.

    Funniest scene: "The nanny scene". In my opinion, this must be one of the funniest scenes ever on ER! The nannies are almost portrayed as "caricatures" – very funny! - and Abby & Luka are interviewing them. Maura & Goran are excellent, and even the cute baby playing Joe seems to be into it! And on top of that, there's that funny "reverse Lukaism" when Luka is correcting the Brazilian nanny's linguistic mistake.
    Scariest scene: Curtis Ames talking to Abby in the park. It seems all very friendly, but then he is picking up baby Joe's toy frog. Ominous ....
    Morris is surprisingly good diagnosing the DID patient. It makes me wonder: Could he perhaps be a good doctor after all?
  • Morris shines in this episode!!

    Mid way through Season 13, ER presents us with this episode. At first i wasn't sure about it - there were too many little storylines without the story actually moving forward.

    Then you get to the last scene in the episode, with Morris talking to his patient. Never have i loved Morris more. This character is usually the one that everybody laughs at, and is usually not very serious. But when he talks to Andre about his Hot Wheels, my heart just melts.

    Even though this episode has some great moments from other characters, such as Ames talking with Abby, and a development on the Gates / Neela storyline, this episode easily belongs to Morris.

    One of my favourites!!
  • This episode would have been more aptly title "The Many Facets of Archie Morris"...

    It was actually a pleasant surprise watching and episode that held a nice balance between romantic relationships, friendships, and patient plotlines. Actually, I loved this episode, I mean...Morris didn't exactly have an epiphany or anything, but between Weaver taking the job slot that he was eyeing, Sam rightfully calling him a "Little b*tch", and various other characters constantly reminding him of how much he was disliked for his annoying personality, he was sure knocked down a few notches, and revealed that he does have a flip-side to his annoying-ness, and that he does have a compassionate side and craves to be taken seriously. I doubt that he will stop being annoying--that's who he is, but at least we know that he isn't as one-dimensional as we first thought.

    As for the Ames thing...he seems like a nice guy all in all. He's just been dealt a crap hand in life, that's all...and he obviously doesn't know how to live with it. He may stir up something, no question, but I'm pretty sure that it'll just be another potential plotline that will flare and fizzle quickly. By the end of S13 we'll be thinking, Ames who?

    Also, though this has been said already: Sam and Morris totally owned this show--and they rocked their roles beautifully.
  • Neela and Gates relationship heats up. A patient comes into the ER saying he has the flu but it turns at to be more and it causes trouble when he refuses treatment.

    This episode was great! I just love the ER drama! It just makes me want to be a doctor more. Ames is making the show more interesting with him kind of following Abby and Luka around. I don't know if Abby knew who he was. I don't think she is. WOW! That guy is like this guy with glasses who likes hot wheels and this guy who gets angry so easy. Baby Joe is getting cute! OMG!! I have the same frog that Baby Joe had! I can't wait intil the next episode because 2! This season is so awesome!
  • We have a new occupant of the role of "Most Complex Character".

    This series has always had a wealth of complex characters, a feature that has allowed the writers to keep it fresh. The role of "Most Complex Character" has variously been occupied by Drs. Ross, Greene, Carter, Romano, Weaver, Kovac, Lockhart, and Rasgotra. Now it has become Dr. Archie Morris' turn. This season we have seen him go from the materialistic drug-shill to an idealistic County Hospital attending physician in the ER; and from being a total jerk as a hostile soccer "dad" to the almost totally sympathetic character depicted in this episode. When Morris lost patient "Clyde", it was starting to look like "same old Morris." But then when he was taken aside by both Sam and Ray, there was shown a genuine response to their constructive criticism. The typical Morris would have reacted with a "Screw you, who's the Attending Physician here?"; but not this time. And he really started to make me feel sorry for him when Pratt dismissed his efforts at treating without the psych consult, even though Morris' diagnosis of DID turned out to be correct. Then it was back to the Morris we all know when he dove into the trash bin to retrieve the phone message from the Channel 5 reporter, thinking he might be able to grab the on-camera gig Weaver had refused. And then there is his misguided pursuit of Hope. Trying to get into her pants by repeating familiar Christian platitudes that he knew she wanted to hear was a classic Morris move. Does he not get the incongruency here? But the unsung heroine of this episode is Sam. Her scene with Willis-Clyde in which she got Clyde to agree to the life-saving treatment was a telling dramatization of what often happens in the real medical world: a nurse will often get done what a doctor can't or won't do, but risks getting blame, not credit for doing so. Linda Cardellini really deserves her star billing for being a much richer actress than the woman-in-jeopardy storylines she has been getting of late. (But don't get me wrong, I thought she was great in those, too.) The scenes of the interviews for nanny, the M&M conference, and the beginning of Ames' stalking allowed us to see Abby is still a key character; and as good as ever. We get a sense of foreboding that this is not going to end well. And look out Morris, Crenshaw is our candidate for the next occupant of the role of "Most Complex Character".
  • Abby + luka have to bring joe to the er after a let down with the nanny resulting in them interviewing at the hospital.Morris and sam treat a man who Morris suspects has DID (Multiple personalities)

    I really enjoyed Morris in this episode it was good to see him going on his gut instict even though everyone thought he was a joke.. i did feel sorry for him which is a first but seeing him talking to sam with the realisation that nobody respects him got to me .. it was good to see some development in his attitude.!

    The man "willis" was played by one hell of an actor to be able to change personalities quickly like that and to do it well was awesome , like most people including sam i wasnt a fan of his tough guy ego "clyde" but willis and andre were well scripted.Andre was especially adorable talking about hot wheels and asking archie to stay i couldn't help but go awww.. I think the writers have done a good job including such a rare medical condition.

    I also enjoyed the fights in the M&M meeting Abby vs crenshaw was great and dubenko couldn't get a word in egde ways ,Neela was a bit petty starting an argument just cause she dicovered gates had a kid but hey it was great to watch . I did feel sorry for ray seeing neela and gates together cause i'd like to see them get together.oh and then afterwards abby said to luka :

    Abby: Crenshaw is such a little prick You know what, I bet I could take him, too. Actually, I definitely think I could take him and you could kick his ass!
    Luka: You're scaring me.
    that made me lauf some good fighting spirit from Abby :)

    Overall i really enjoyed this episode and the storylines were well written...!
  • Very classic ER

    I really really enjoyed this episode It had a bit of everything in it - very classic ER IMO. Baby Joe was SO cute. His facial expressions in that scene were priceless - I never realised 6-month-year-olds have such a range of expressions before tonight I didn't know where to look in the 'nanny interviews' scene - at Luka, Abby or Joe - each seemed to have a really unique response. And wow can that boy grin Can I just ask, the baby buggy – where did that come from? When Luka arrived at work it was sans a buggy, and when Abby and Luka left the hospital together they didn’t have one. Did she go home before going to the park? I know it doesn’t matter much, but I was just wondering. I’m not keen on where the Ames storyline is going. The court case was so interesting because we got to see precisely how the same event can be experienced in different ways by different individuals. Ames V Luka got me feeling sympathetic for both characters. I’m just hoping that they don’t lose sight of the message of an unjust system just to gain some drama and suspense. Having Ames coming out looking like a madman and Luka as a saint is not the outcome I want. We’ve had stories in the past where the doctors have really had to face the fact that they are human. We have seen their guilt. For instance, Corday with Patterson. Luka is not entirely to blame for Ames’ injury, of course not, but the ER writers seem to be placing less weight on exploring Luka’s emotions regarding the case (after the initial ones regarding the court battle) than they have done in the past. In a way that seems to make the plot more cheap and viewer-friendly than attempts in the past have been.

    Morris had some great moments. From the ridiculous dive into the rubbish bin – the paper was lying on top, he could have merely reached – to his disappointment at not being able to treat a patient right just because he was the buck of so many jokes. Very mature. He’s grown a lot and I enjoy how we can still see both sides of him.

    Clearly something’s going to happen between Kerry and the reporter. Though I don’t quite understand what show Kerry is getting??? I prefer Gates and Neela in conversation. Classic ER bits:

    Well, the fast nanny interview was more a classic t.v. process than ER specifically. But the speed and comedy always make scenes like that work.

    There were a few good nurses moments in this episode. Sam’s comment to Hope about never lying to the nurses for example. And Sam’s comment to Morris about nurses’ pay – in the beginning ER focused on medical politics a lot more. Then it kind of got lost in societal and international politics. It’s just nice to see some real hospital bits come into it again.

    Sam was excellent tonight. Not only did she get the chance to shine, but the episode really focused on real medicine and real patients through the character with Disscoiated Identity Disorder. That was great acting from the patient too – I could tell he had DID from the minute he walked through the doors, and it was shocking to see the lack of caring from some of Morris’ colleagues. Sam handled him so so well. It’s odd that she would know how. That’s the kind of behaviour I would have expected from someone with experience. Maybe she has experienced DID sufferers before?

    The teaching forum thingie – (M&M??) was a bit of ER of old creeping its way in. it was nice. They normally focus on a character V a character but this one seemed to side the ER against the OR. That is, until it was taken-over by Gates-Neela interaction. I would have preferred to see a little bit more. The ending seemed too sudden for my liking.
  • Oh, such a good episode...

    Some comments about it: 1) The Brazilian nanny - come on, give me a break - no Brazilian girl dresses like that, specially when applying for a nanny position. But if I knew Luka would be so .... receptive I would have applied myself three episodes ago... 2) Baby Joe's face during the Nazi nanny speech - so funny. He is such a cute baby... 3) Luka asking Baby Joe which nanny he prefers - I say: "Hey, Joe, pick this Brazilian nanny here ... I gonna take a very good care of you and your dad... Specially of him..." 4) Creepy Ames - now I know how he got hold of Joe's frog. 5) Good verbal ping-pong during the case discussion - Abby x Crenshaw and Neela x Gates... That Crenshaw, what is the problem with him? Did they try to replace Romano but got the wrong hand on it? The guy is such an idiot and I don't like that actor at all.
  • Was it real? Morris as a strong, good doctor? Finally! And the Luby-Joe scenes were just too adorable!

    I didn't see it coming. All the time, Morris was for me (and I guess most people) the comic relief ER was lacking. Morris was the joke. It was one of life's ironic jokes that he made Chief Resident and then Attending Physician. But on this episode, he changed it all.

    A young man comes in with a flu that Morris and Sam soon find out to really be a heart condition that can be treated in the ER. But "flu jerk", as Sam calls him, doesn't want it, yells, and runs away. Later he comes back after a fight with another guy in a bus. Now he wants the treatment, but he doesn't remember ever being in the ER. Five minutes later, he's mad again and wants to go away. No one really cares about it, but Morris soon realizes the guy's condition: a multiple personality disorder. But no one believes him because, well, he's Morris. He's the department joke. Morris' battle with Ray, Pratt, Sam and himself to prove his ideas was amazing. When he tells Sam he knows nobody thinks he's worth anything, it was really great. Morris is a whole new person for me now, he was completely amazing. And the actor who plays the patient was incredible. The last scene, with the third personality (a child), both actors were amazing, my eyes were filled with tears, Morris was so sweet with him.

    All the Luby scenes were too adorable! They start looking for nannies for baby Joe, but they're far from perfect (either too mean, or too hot, or too weird). Maura Tierney and Goran Visnijc's chemistry is unbelievable, and the twins that played Joe were SO cute. Abby and Joe "running into" Curtis Ames in the park was a bit creepy, I hope nothing bad happens to them.

    Neela and Gates will take some getting used to, but I like her, and I like him, so I'll get over Ray. Poor Ray, I hated to see him watching Neela and Gates making out, he looked so sad!

    This is why I watch ER, totally perfect episode!
  • Sam and Morris deal with a patient with DID. Neela and Gates make out, in full view of Ray. Kerry decides to take the TV job. Abby makes a new friend with questionable motives. Pratt investigates a prescription sharing program at a church.

    I loved this episode. Although he is amusing, I was getting somewhat tired of Archie's character ALWAYS being so one-dimensional. I saw Scott Grimes in "Band of Brothers" and knew he is capable of much more than just playing the "Resident" stooge.(pun intended) I thought this episode showed a rare moment of vulnerability and the beginnings of Morris becoming a fine doctor and showing more humanity. I haven't enjoyed the development of a character this much since they killed off Romano. I did laugh when he dove into the garbage. Cute!

    I'm not feeling good about the encounter with Abby and the disgruntled former patient of Luka's. Can they be happy for a FEW weeks??? Neela and Gates, what can I say? Maybe this is just a plot device to eventually lead her to happiness with Ray. We'll see. As the spouse of an Iraqi War vet, I wish they'd have her grieve longer. At least in the meantime, John Stamos is easy on the eyes. I hope Kerry is kept on the sidelines for the most part. Politically correct or not, I cannot stomach another lesbian storyline. They haven't had a storyline for Pratt in a while that really interested me. Maybe the relationship with his brother and getting involved with a community project will do the trick.
  • A man with multiple personalities doesn't want to be treated..Then he does...Then he doesn't...Then he does.

    In this wonderful episode we finally see the serious side to Morris as he tries to help this man with multiple personalities but runs into the man's rude side. I must say that at the beginning I thought this man was a child molester when we sat down next to the little boy and started to play with him. Later we find out he has multiple personalities but nobody believes Morris. Morris gets upset because he doesn't think any of his co-workers take him seriously because he's kind of cheesy and weird. He wants to treat this patient but when you start stressinh him out he turns from his person 1(normal man) to person 2(his rude mad man) and won't allow you to do anything to him. Finally, Nurse Sammantha Taggert ticks off the man and tries to tell his mad man side to take control of his life that just because he was abused as a child he doesn't haven't get all mad about it, that he can change his life. When he finally agrees to have treatment, we finally see Morris talk to him at the end. The man reverts back to his child self and starts talking about his hot wheels and how many he has. I almost forgot the recurring issue of Curtis Ames(Forest Whittaker) who seems deadset on making Dr.Kovac 's life miserable just like his is. He wants his wife and kids back and he blames all his problems on Dr. Kovac because he forgot about him and Ames came in with a minor injury and came out major issues. This man is out of control as he finds Abbie(a doctor and Kovac's wife) and buys her a hotdog and gloats over their baby. He's out of his mind.
  • Ames made me sick.

    I hated how Ames spent time with Abby like it was no big deal. He had no right to go on a stroll with Lukas wife after all he had went through with Luka. And to act like he didn't know who she was. It was really sad to see that he lied about how he hurt his arm. That was low. It would give him away, but at least he could of dodged it somehow. Anyway I hated Ames personality. And putting on that I am fine front was really making me mad. Hope this story ends soon. It's terrible.
  • A very good example of ER.....

    this episode was not as humourous as the other shows i've seen. i have only seen about 5 episodes so i'm not into it big, but i'm getting there.this episode was wierd how the guy with multiple personalities was on it.that gave it a sot of humour and seriousness at the same time.i think Gates is the best character of the show but i also like that big guy.ER has good drama at a humourous level and i think for the show to get 13 seasons easily is outstanding they should be very proud to have a show on this long and still be one of the highest rated dramas on tv. later.
  • A very good one ER episode.

    Like I said earlier I don't like dr Tony, so watching him sucking Neela's face wasn't a pleasent thing to see. And Ray was adorable as the jealous guy;). Great that writers put current Pratt's storyline in the script. It is important to show that many people can't use medical help because of lack of money. I hope that Abby and Luka will find a perfect nanny for baby Joseph because I wouldn't like to see one of them leaving ER. Oh, and when little Joe smiled at 'discipline' nanny it was the cutest thing;). I'm happy for Archie that he's shown as a smart sympathetic guy.
  • "Jigsaw" was an appropriate title...pieces that come together.....or not.

    A multiple personality storyline is difficult to present but this episode did a wonderful job and allowed two regulars to perform in a fascinating new way. Linda Cardellini and Scott Grimes were fabulous in their dealings with the flu patient turned psych patient. The young actor who was able to change character before our eyes as their patient was awesome. His personality was a puzzler indeed. Watching Grimes as 'Morris' change before our eyes was also an awesome moment. The last picture of him comparing Hot Wheels with the multipersonality guy (now a child - one of three personalities we were treated to) was touching. Within the 42 minutes of actual show time he shifted from a familiar moron diving into the trash after a reporter's phone number to a compelling and caring physician. Bravo, Scott Grimes! I hope to see more of that soon. Sam bossing a tough personality to the top?? She ROCKED! Katey and Ray? Hate that gal's filthy mouth. Neela and Gates? Why don't they just d'do the deed' and put us all out of the misery of watching them set it up in such a clunky way?? Abby and Crenshaw are being set up for a rollicking ride as nemises staff members...I can feel it. And it's gonne be fun. LOVED her telling Luka she could take Crenshaw and HE could defintely kick his butt. LOL Kerry as a television doctor?? Now that would be an interesting position for her. Pratt's confrontation with the drug exchanging preacher is going to be interesting to follow. Hope's dispensing of medication to a low income dad on the sly worries me a little but I was glad to see Sam taking her to task for lying to a nurse....and LOVED the followup from Morris as he described the 'nurse Mafia'....which we have seen in action before. Hee. LOVED, LOVED, loved the Kovac search for a nanny and the 'family photos' of Abby, Luka and Joe as they listened to each of the inappropriate nanny applicants. WHAT has happened with the writers that they choose to bash the nanny profession is such a way?? Wasn't it only weeks ago that Abby was surrounded by a group of them in the park that all but admitted to being over sexed, conniving thieves? If they aren't careful, 'Super Nanny' and the 'Nanny 911' ladies are certain to be hiring a hit man soon. As for Ames, I am curious to see what this is leading up to. I was a bit worried to see him following Abby and Joe to the park...and finding the lost frog is sure to be a plot point somewhere down the line. Hmm.....another piece of the puzzle gone awry. A lot of the beauty of this episode were the side expressions....Luka’s smile during the Brazilian interview, Crenshaw and Abby’s as they were exchanging glances, Crenshaw’s snarky smile as Neela spoke during the M&M, Ray’s face as he watched Neela and Gates, Abby’s encouragement as Angela spoke to Luka about the malpractice suit, Ames as he watched the happy Luby family, Sam and Morris as they worked through this difficult case together, Clyde/Willis/Andre - amazing transformations...and even Baby Joe’s hint of a grin as the Russian nanny went on about discipline and small boys. Maura Tierney has always been adept at this sort of thing so it was wonderful to see the rest of the ensemble paying attention to this as well. I found myself going back to check who directed this episode. John Wells. I should have known. They were in the hands of a master. Well done one and all.
  • If you're wanting to see a great ER episode, this one will suffice your need of a good ER episode.

    Overall, the episode was well written and the acting was great from all the actors. I have to take my hat out for Morris, who was portrayed very different from how he was used to be protrayed. He was able to identify the D.I.D. on his patient and even though he knew that many thought of him as a joke, that moment makes me hope that Morris shows more progress in future ER episodes since he shows potential to become a good doctor. Also, Sam was great in this episode. She was good enough to convince the D.I.D. patient to acccept the treatment.

    Neela and Gates together can get interesting, now that Ray spotted them together. Too bad for Ray, as he apparently had feelings for Neela.
  • This episode was, it, it rocked! Oh no! Multiple Personality Disorder!

    Okay, the multiple personality disorder case was awesome! It was something new and different which, let's face it, is really difficult to do after 13 years! Morris may be the joke of the ER, but we need him to be, that's his role, he's the comic relief. And it was very kind to see him depicted as doing a good job and not being a screw up for once. Sam was also very impressive with the patient, I loved it when she yelled at the guy to bring out Clyde. I can tell you something I didn't love, Neela and Gates! And although I was sad to see Ray witnessing the whole thing, I loved his reaction. Shane West is a great eyebrow actor. (Meaning he has excellent facial expressions.) The whole Ames thing was kind-of a let-down. Nothing really happened...another set-up for the next episode I suppose. Although, if he lays one hand on Joe, Abby will go postal on him. And if he lays a hand on Abby, Kovac will go postal. I'd be a little scared of those two.