Season 2 Episode 22

John Carter, M.D.

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 16, 1996 on NBC
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Season Finale: Carol is pushed to the breaking point after another day when politics triumph over health care, and she quits. Mark "trades his soul" when he agrees to back Weaver for ER attending, in exchange for her support of Susan for chief resident. Jeanie takes an HIV test and informs Benton he should get himself tested as well. Carter invites Benton to his med school graduation, which he himself misses in order to keep a young patient company. Shep's refusal to see a psychiatrist risks his relationship with Carol.moreless

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  • A happy episode. Carter's episode.

    I think this episode somehow has much positive it - the overall energy and emotion after is quite positive.

    Carter is ready to graduate and he is happy - you can just say while looking at him. He also gets a case what influence him - a little girl who has liver problem. I remember that not long ago, it was Susan who said, that Carter do not care enough, but in here - is it because the graduation or.. This little girl gets Carter's attention and when she gets worse and it's time for Carter to go, he decides to stay with her instead of her graduation.

    Also Carter seems to be very friendly with Benton and invites him to the graduation but he says no. But Benton is something like an idol for Carter and despite him being offered a spot in red team, he decides to stay with Benton in blue team.

    Also we find out that Jeany's ex husband has AIDS and she might have it, Benton might have. This is left cliffhanger and we will learn the result next season.

    Carol just gets too emotional, is mad of the things done and decides to quit.

    And so it ended - season 2moreless
  • Unbelievable

    As you all may know from some of my previous reviews, I am a huge ER fan. Some may call my interest in the show fanatical and others may call it normal. I, myself, would not have been able to describe it until now. After this episode there is no doubt in my mind that I am definitely a fanatic. This episode was the one that made me take this great leap. I have just started watching this show, so the episodes from season 1 and 2 are new to me. John Carter, MD (the title of this epic episode) was a completely enjoyable experience. I won't even hesitate to call it the best one I have watched so far. I think the writing was exceptionally done, the acting was exquisite, and the scenery was magnificent. However, don't just take my obviously biased point of view. Check it out. I can guarantee that all ER fanatics, such as myself, will find it utterly pleasurable.moreless
Judith Malina

Judith Malina

"June Allyson"

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William Lucking

William Lucking

Kenny Brannigan

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Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson

Dr. Davitch

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Marg Helgenberger

Marg Helgenberger

Karen Hines

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Abraham Benrubi

Abraham Benrubi


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Mary Mara

Mary Mara

Loretta Sweet

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    • Benton: Now you're the doctor. You graduated, right?
      Carter: Yeah, that's right, I am. It's kind of weird. I... don't know any more than I knew this morning. I really wanted to graduate, too. Well... Anyway...
      Benton: You take care of yourself, Carter.

    • (Kerry agrees to go with Mark's recommendations for Susan for Chief Resident only if he agrees to go with her for the attending position)
      Kerry: So, you really think Susan Lewis would make a good Chief Resident?
      Mark: Yes, I do.
      (Kerry walks away)
      Conni: What was that about?
      Mark: I think I just sold my soul to the devil.

    • Carol: I quit!
      Greene: What?
      Carol: I quit!
      Greene: You can't just leave.
      Carol: Just watch me!

    • Jenn: (to Mark) You should have kept the goatee. It made you look dangerous.

    • Benton: Look, Carter, you were my assigned med student. I was your assigned resident. You don't owe me anything, okay?

    • Doug: I never really liked her.
      Mark: What do you mean? You acted like you did.
      Doug: I just did that to make you feel better. I never cared for her. Unsupportive, controlling, manipulative. You want me to go on with this?
      Mark: Please, I'm enjoying it.
      Doug: Demanding, skinny legs . . .
      Mark: Wait—what were you doing looking at my wife's legs?
      Doug: I'm your buddy; I'm not dead.

    • Mark: Get away from her Doug. She sounds like trouble.
      Doug: Yeah, I know. You're right, I probably should.
      Mark: But you're not going to?
      Doug: Well, she's kind of cute.
      Mark: Well, she's got great legs.
      Doug: You look at my girlfriend's legs?
      Mark: I'm your friend; I'm not dead.
      Doug: So, what else did you notice about her?
      Mark: You want a list?
      Doug: Yeah, I want a list...

    • Mark: I think I just sold my soul to the devil.

    • Lydia: What do you call the person that finishes last in med school?
      Carter: What?
      Lydia: Doctor...

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