Season 11 Episode 14

Just As I Am

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2005 on NBC

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  • Everything about Weaver...

    We now learn and see who is Weaver as her past just comes to her and she has a change, after all those years, to finally see her mother. It was so beautiful episode and over long time, a episode that really moved me - the emotions, the way Carry was just looking for acceptance and the way it looked, mother has none to give her. The irony of their meeting - they really had written such a great story with so strong emotional balance and even if Weaver as lately got really few screentime - this episode was worth it all.

    She is complex char and the complexity seems to be everywhere.

    Loved this episode.
  • We finally meet Wearvers mom.

    I first start watching Er, at the middle of the season 11, so i have no idea who the original cast was, so i didn't knew Weaver was adopted. I like this episode because in a long time we haven't seen Weaver and now she dosen't appear only 3 seconds bossing everybody but get part in the drama, that was cool. On the other hand, i hate morris trying to buy the attendings so he can be the resident shift, i prefered Partt he is better and know more than morris.

    Still hate Duvenko and now more because he is soo into Abby, but Abby hate him, she want to be with Jake who is ugly to.
  • Great to see more of Kerry.

    This episode scored bonus points with me because Kerry Weaver was the main star of the episode. It was great to see her reunited with her mother, and then see her struggled to tell her about her sexuality, especially since her mother is Catholic.

    The Ray-Carter-Neela plot at the end was hilarious. A fight between the patient and her husband, which ends up with Ray getting decked with a bedpan, and Neela attempting to also deck the patient. Ha Ha.

    Overall, a must see episode for fans of Kerry!
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