Season 9 Episode 22


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 15, 2003 on NBC

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  • Great episode- kind of strange for a season finale though

    There was wonderful character development for Carter and Luka. The episode was very moving and eye opening. But I did find myself missing Chicago! It does seem like Carter is getting more screen time which I think is good because his character is carrying the show at this point. Looking forward to next season!
  • Maybe the best episode of ER

    I just cannot explain what I feel with this episode - you have to watch it yourself to totally understand it. But there is something that makes it so special and the emotion it gives - it is so worth to watch it.

    I love that this episode is eye-opener. They have took the events out of usual environment and giving a totally new point of view to the medicine and the life itself. Those who have used to live in happy sunshine, like Carter somehow, it is really shocking but he gets used to it and I can only imagine how the experience will affect Carter's char.

    All those things there - the way they had no changes to do what they needed, constant danger but they still go there, try to do as little as they can - I really admire that.

    A superb episode. One of my personal favorites.
  • Luka and Carter in the Congo....and a chance to take a stand.

    Having watched this episode - again - in reruns AFTER watching the Darfur episodes from the current season, I wonder why the producers/writers felt the need for another Africa episode? This one was superb. It set up some awesome character development....especially for Goran Visnic\'s portrayal of Luka Kovac. With the character having been through a seemingly senseless war in his own homeland, he was the perfect catalyst to make the anti-war statement the writers were aiming for. \"In the end, my children were dead\" was a heartbreaking reality check.
    It was also interesting to make the connection between the young Mai Mai soldier who remembered Carter\'s efforts to save his brother and the gang banger kid who died in the previous episode avenging the death of his brother. Anyone else catch the matching head scarves on them? War and killing happens on every turf, I guess. The futality of it can be overwhelming.
  • Loved it!:)

    I really like this episode:) It was really different from the usuall episodes and you did get to see a lot of Luka and Carter.
    It was so dramatic... All the sick people and so little equipment, they could barely treat children with whooping cough..:( And when the MaiMai came... It awas terrible and I did really feel sorry for Luka, Carter and all the other people.
    But I like the way they shoved it and Luka was very brave to stay there with those patients.
    And I liked the ending with Carter comming to Abby:)
    You must see it!
    // Mich
    PS. Luka was very hot in this episode;);):)DS.
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