Season 9 Episode 22


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 15, 2003 on NBC



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    • Angelique: Gillian Ronin, meet Dr. Carter.
      Gillian: Enchante.
      Carter: John. Hi.
      Angelique: (French) He's an American. Doesn't speak French. So you'll have to translate.
      Gillian: (French) He's cute, married?
      Angelique: (French) Don't see a ring. But it's never stopped you before.
      Gillian: (French) I'm trying to exhibit some newfound restraint.
      Angelique: (to Carter) Gillian's an old hand. She'll get you started in Admitting. (to Gillian in French) Don't let him kill anyone.
      Gillian: (French) I'll do my best.
      (Angelique laughs and walks away)

    • Carter: I didn't know you smoked.
      Kovac: (holding a lit cigarette) I don't.

    • Luka: In the beginning there's always a lot of talk of national pride and patriotic speeches. But after a few weeks it becomes this; nothing but death and sadness. These people just want what everyone else wants: their kids to have something to eat; to see them grow up, laughing, happy. They don't care where the border is or who gets to call themselves president. They just want this to stop.
      Carter: I don't even begin to try to understand the politics here.
      Luka: You are an American, Carter. You believe that if people are given a chance to convert to democracy, the world would be a better place.
      Carter: What's the alternative? Military dictatorships?
      Luka: You fight wars from the sky with bombs and missiles. Then your planes land back on the aircraft carrier and the pilots watch Drew Carey on satellite TV.
      Carter: Hey, American soldiers died in Iraq.
      Luka: Yeah, but your children don't starve to death while your men fight. Your women aren't raped. (long pause) I remember watching the television, reading the newspapers, saying that we had to fight. And then my family was gone. I couldn't remember why it was all so important. What difference did it all make? My children were dead.

    • Carter: Where are you from? Your English is excellent.
      Gillian: Montreal. We speak a little English up there.

    • Gillian: I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed, and uh, I hope someone will join me. (Gillian leaves)
      Luka: How's Abby?
      Carter: I didn't do anything with Gillian, I swear.
      Luka: So you won't mind, if I...
      Carter: No. Knock yourself out.
      Luka: See you in the morning.

    • Carter: What should I tell Weaver?
      Luka: Whatever you want.
      Carter: Can I tell her you're coming back?
      Luka: I don't know.
      Carter: Don't do anything stupid.
      Luka: (smiles) Like what?
      Carter: Like get yourself killed.

    • Carter: They don't have anything stronger than Amoxicillin. Did you tell that boy's father we can save him?
      Luka: We can.
      Carter: Whooping cough's gonna eat that Amoxicillin for lunch. He's gonna die. Die from a disease we could wipe out with a ten dollar course of Erythromycin.
      Luka: We vaccinated 200 children today. When was the last time you saved 200 lives in one afternoon?

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