Season 6 Episode 2

Last Rites

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 1999 on NBC

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  • Quietly Powerful

    This episode demonstrates why I love the character of Dr. Mark Greene and Anthony Edwards' portrayal of him. In this episode, he isn't really involved in the "flashier" high drama rescue with Carter and Malucci, but rather the quiet and slow death of a cancer patient with a DNR. While there is some inherent drama with the upset father, the most poignant scenes, in my opinion, occur when Dr. Greene is sitting alone with the cancer patient in the trauma room when she begs him to help her even though she has signed a DNR. Edwards is able to portray a mixture of professional bedside manner and empathy in this scene better than any other fictional doctor I have seen on TV. As a patient who has seen their fair share of doctors, I find Edwards' tone in that scene to be so spot on and believable that it's almost frightening. I also couldn't help but love Dr. Greene's, "Shut up, Kerry!" line. Awesome.

  • A dying girl with DNR and she wants to change it. Greene goes with it... but...

    Greene is getting a dying cancer patient who has DNR. While her father is calling a mother, the girl tells Greene to cancel DNR. So, he puts him to elevator but father gets so mad. That rise tensions between Greene and Weaver. On the second main case, it seems that there is old lady from caring home. She is dying and first she does not want priest but then she wants and Carol cannot get one. So Luca comes in, and plays a priest.

    This episode has one of the most stylish ending - the way they switch between Greene who tries to resuscitated that cancer patient and then Kovac giving that blessing. It was beautiful.

    And the last scenes between Carla and Benton. Promising...
  • Mark is such a wonderful character and his behaviour with his father stands out in this epi for me.

    Mark is with his Father, following his Mother’s death. They effect some kind of reconciliation. Mark then returns to the ER, but is deeply affected by the change in his life. This shows in contrast to Kerry, who as the new Chief is being very brash. When it comes to the reversal of a DNR, heard only by Mark, he threatens to quit if she overrides him. He also reminds her of her comment, ‘it is only in name’ that she is Chief, as she is clearly bossing him around.

    Romano springs the job of Associate Chief of Surgery on Elizabeth, to ensure she stays. However much this annoys her it flatters too and is an excellent opportunity, so he gets his way – when doesn’t he?!

    Malucci, or Doctor Dave appears in this epi, and is clearly the clown on the show. He doesn’t impress anyone with his antics. Indeed his ‘heroic’ save of a construction worker gets him and Carter into trouble.

    Carol misunderstands a dying woman and then cannot get hold of a priest for her as she dies. Luka steps in and gives the woman a blessing as she dies. Again his first concern is the patient, not propriety.

    This episode moves on other stories too, but they don’t resolve, yet…
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