Season 6 Episode 1

Leave It to Weaver

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 30, 1999 on NBC

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  • What a great season opener! Dr. Weaver double crosses Dr. Greene and there is a new heart throb in the ER.

    The scenes with Luka are a wonderful combination of heart-touching and heart-throbbing. The scenes with the children are tender and funny. Great forshadowing for the personal history we later learn about Luka. The times that Carol observes Luka are interesting. Makes one think that she is falling for him, but, of course, that does not happen in the long run.

    What can one say about Dr. Weaver? She is so calculated. Everything is about advancing her career. She double crosses Dr. Greene and cuts ties to two junior doctors to be the Chief of Emergency Medicine. This episode sets of the season well...two driven doctors - one female and one male. No wonder this series has lasted so long.
  • Carol is having dangerous day... and some dreams come true..

    The way the episode starts...Carol pregnancy is visible. She is having some weird moments with some people, then she is visiting a coffee shop but as a girl starts to cry, she leaves - just 10 seconds before truck runs in. All the patiences, who she has been meeting there at the coffee shop, are brought to county. And the way those people influence her... Also new doctor - Luca Kovac is introduced. Carry and Mark is not thinking best of him but Carol - she starts to like his style. He has something very interesting about him - very well written char and the way he comes in - in the middle of action - false fire alarm and some flying oxygen tanks. He carrying a little girl. Beautiful episode.
  • A Carol-centric episode that opens our eyes to other characters as well.

    I loved this episode as a season opener. Action revolved around Carol as she patronized a local coffee shop and had observations of several people around her. After the car crashed through the window it was kind of neat to see those characters with her again as patients in the ER. We don't usually get to see that kind of stuff as a rule. This is probably the first episode when I really began to dislike the Kerry Weaver character. She showed no remorse in turning her back on Mark (cooly changing her voice of support in NOT supporting Romano as Chief of Staff),Lucy (coldly denying a request to be her formal mentor) and Carter (booting him from her basement apartment) and taking the position as Chief of the ER. Hard to redeem oneself after a beginning like this. Luka. Yum. What can one say? In retrospect from Season 13, it was delightful to see him in the beginning - shy, caring, comfortable with kids and dedicated to his profession. To see him so cooly deduct the deat h of a mother and delivering her still live child by C-section was a little daunting...and clearly shown on Carol's face was he drew her in to help. I kind of liked him with Carol. Had Juliana Margulies not left the series, this would have been a relationship to watch.
  • For me Weaver's behaviour is the most important factor in this show - second only to our first sighting of Luka. Carol's day is pretty full too!

    We see a very pregnant Carol walking to work and stopping to but coffee. As she leaves a truck goes straight through the glass window and she spends the rest of the day treating people she met that morning. One of the most poignant is the death of an old lady whom she had refused to let touch her big belly.
    Anspaugh has had enough of being chief of staff, and Romano gets the job. Weaver double crosses Mark Greene, and for her support Romano makes her Chief of the ER.
    She asks John Carter to move out of her basement as it would be inappropriate now. She also refuses to continue being Lucy’s mentor as it would be favouritism.
    A migraine patient sets off the fire alarm to get attention and Randi decks him. A canister of oxygen has the valve broken and shoots off down the corridor.
    Benton combines work with a trip to a counsellor to try and mediate custody of Reece, now that Carla is planning to go to Germany with new husband Roger and wants to take Reece too.
    Jeanie has a baby tested for Aids who is brought in wit his endstage mother. She and Reggie discuss the possibility of fostering him, and marriage!
    We see Luka for the first time. He shows himself to be very caring and sensitive, particularly to children. Clearly he finds Carol friendly and sympathetic. He displays his competence when he delivers a baby by emergency caesarean from a dying mother.
    Mark and Elizabeth end the epi at the baseball nets, where he is venting his anger after a trying day.
    In other words it was just another day in the ER – wonderful entertainment.
  • An amazing season premiere for each of the many characters.

    This episode focused firmly on character development and interaction.
    Starting with the new, we were introduced for the first time to Dr. Luka Kovac, a magnificent character portrayed by Goran Visnjic, who ends up as ER's lead by season 12. From Luka's first words to a five-year-old-girl, we can see he is a patient and caring character. Medically, he is willing and able and he works brilliantly with two young patients. He also shares some touching moment with Carol - the beginning of a great relationship. It's immediately obvious this is a character that I will love throughout the seasons!

    A smaller story-line this episode was Jeannie an her involvement with an HIV positive baby. Her own situation forced her to act illegally, but caringly, for an innocent child. Perhaps her actions here will help him in the long-run. And of course, Reggie proposed. It's great to see the two of them happy together, with possibly both marriage and adoption on the cards.

    Carter didn't seem to have much point this episode. Why would an older rich attractive ex-cousin-in-law fall for him immediately? I just don't get his appeal!

    Although Carol didn't play a big part in the episode, it was interesting seeing the various characters she had interacted with earlier come into the ER. The little boy was sweet, in his discussion with Luka followed by his asking Carol if she were a real regular doctor. Carol's response to the rude youth was vaguely entertaining, though it's been done better before. And the death of the old black woman was definitely a sad moment.

    I felt sorry for Elizabeth's situation with Romano constantly breathing down her neck - preventing her from seeking other job opportunities. Although the short Benton/Romano surgery discussing Elizabeth was a fantastic scene when Benton fought back!

    Hopefully Benton will get to keep his son in America. The session between Carla and he was interesting and as long as it doesn't get too much emphasis hopefully the plot will keep from being repetitive and allow some audience interest.

    Of course, though, the main jist of this episode was Weaver and her betrayal of Greene. I honestly don't think she had decided her back-stabbing before the meeting, but still, had she spoken honestly Romano may not have become head of staff. Anyway, Greene's always known what she's like so maybe he should have been a little more careful as well.

    And it's great to see more of Mark and Elizabeth!