Season 15 Episode 1

Life After Death

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on NBC

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  • Excellent!!!

    It was aired last night here in Argentina. I knew that something bad was going to happen to Greg or Sam, but not that somebody was going to die.

    It was a great episode. I started crying at the middle and couldn´t stop til the end. At first it all seemed right, Prat was talking and even giving orders, but everything started to failed.

    When Abby entered the room and he was crying OMG, that was amazing, and everybody watching as he was taken to the OR, they all stopped what they were doing just to see that moment.

    I compaired to the lost of Dr. Green, Lucy and Michael. I don`t know was going to happen next, but I hope they don´t kill anymore doctors.

    Great episode again!!!!!!
  • I think this episode was 'Painful to watch' in a couple of different ways. It was devastating to lose a long standing character like Greg Pratt, but in doing it they poured on syrup by the bucketload.

    I was expecting this episode to be a lot better to be honest. I kept waiting for the emotions to kick in and they never really did. The only bit where I found myself close to tearing up was when Greg was coughing up blood and the tears were rolling down his cheeks. Apart from this I think the episode was over the top and lacking the subtlety that we are used to from ER.

    The episode felt very thin as there was not a lot else going on. There was also not enough of a connection displayed between Greg and the other characters (apart from Morris). When Mark Greene died for example you really saw how it affected the others. Think of Elizabeth, and Carter reading 'the letter'. The best parts where when Pratt was actually awake as when he wasn't, the story was relying soley on the reactions of the others and they weren't really good enough. I was looking round thinking - well how much of a connection did he really have with Sam, Brenner, Gates, Dubenko... I think if Luka had actually been in this episode it might have been better, because he was one of the more long standing characters who had a deeper relationship with Pratt.

    The music was way too heavy handed and I thought when they brought the picture in at the end it was just too sickly. Not to mention the engagement ring and the 'job offer'. Very un-ER.

    The episode didn't utilise the seven years of memories well enough to evoke the emotions and make this a true classic. It's sad that he's gone but it's a shame he couldn't have been given a better send off.
  • Amazing!

    This episode of ER picks up seconds after the ambulance exploding in the previous season. We soon see that Sam was not in the ambulance; therefore Pratt must have been in it. We see that Abby is ok, but injured. At first Pratt seems ok, but then they see he was an open fracture on his leg and he starts coughing up blood. Abby has a broken wrist. We learn that there is nothing wrong with Pratt's leg as the bone poking out isn't his. Greg gets worse and as he keeps bleeding from his mouth he starts to cry. They carry out CPR on him. Someone comes down and declares that Pratt's brain has stopped working. But they decide to wait it out and check it again in 4 hours. We learn that Greg carried a donor organ card and Gates asks his brother if that's ok. He says he isn't dead yet. Sam tries to get hold of Greg's girlfriend but she can't. The 4 hours pass and Greg is declared brain dead. As they wheel him through the ER everyone stops. Greg is taking upstairs so they he can donate his organs, to save others. We then jump to one week later. We see most o the ER team returning to work after the funeral. Tina comes in and gives a beautiful speech which made me cry. Morris tells Tina that Greg was going to propose to her and he has the ring which he gives to her. We learn that Greg was going to be offered the job of Chief of the ER. After work everyone from the ER goes to a bar to celebrate Greg and all the good times they had with him. We learn that Greg's organs helped to save 3 people.
  • A sad episode for the ending of a doctors actor

    I was never expecting to see the end of docotor prat this way. His caracter evolved for the last years to be one of the importants actor for the ER series. In this episode he dies even for the efor of his collegues to save him. It was a great episode, the way it was directed and the emotion that the other actor geve to his death and deliver to us. Will see if the writers and directos finally agree on bringing back carter or even Benton, or COrday. This seasson will be great fot what i can see so far.
  • This episode was a total tearjerker.

    This episode made me kind of upset that they decided to kill off Dr.Pratt when in my mind i believe that Dr.Kovach would have been a better choice. Dont get me wrong i really think Kovach is a great charactor but he is never on the show anymore he is just mentioned hear and there and if we are lucky he might even appear in a n episode. I think that this is a very sad episode and i really like the show but and i thought that this was a excelant episode but i think that they really screwed some things up i do believe that this show could have been better and they could have picked a different person to kill off i mean for there last season they should keep all the charactors that are currently on here and get rid of the charactors that are rarly on here anymore like Dr.Kovach. Sorry if i sm crud.
  • In this episode, Dr. Greg Pratt, a character on the show for over 6 years (from April 4, 2002 until September 25, 2008), dies. Meanwhile a talkative patient hurt himself while trying to be a hero...

    Basically, I think this episode wasn't as sad as it should have been. Greg Pratt was a character for a long time. Whenever ER doctors who are well loved die - like Mark Greene, Michael Gallant, etc. - usually I can't stop crying. Often this is aided, I must admit, by the emotional reactions of other doctors whom we viewers have also learned to love (Elizabeth Corday and Neela Rosgotra's tears, for instance). Pratt's girlfriend - and intended fiance - acted brilliantly in this episode. But we didn't see her soon enough and she wasn't a character whom we sympathized with and felt like we truly knew. It just wasn't the same. In general, none of Pratt's greatest moments or accomplishments were highlighted in this episode. Abby didn't even mention how he helped her with her relapse into alcoholism - not explicitly, at least. Morris is the closest remaining cast member on the show, and I think Scott Grimes did a very good job in this episode portraying how Morris should feel. Especially the scene with the engagement ring. Very well done.

    However, Greg's half-brother Chaz (portrayed by Sam Jones III and in this episode credited as a special guest star) was a bit too emotionally involved in my opinion - he should regret not knowing Greg better like he said in the ambulance bay to Gates - but he shouldn't have been so much more heartbroken then all the doctors and nurses. Greg, over the course of the show, was good friends with Michael Gallant, had a very complex relationship with Jing-Mei Chen, learned lessons from Carter, etc. But now... he was dying, and not even his mentally-handicapped brother was there. He had no family or real friends - just a half-brother and co-workers. Yes, I just said it, co-workers. Usually the doctors in ER can be considered friends to one another - very close friends. But Pratt seemed like more of a coworker and less of a friend to all of the doctors and nurses left.

    Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed with this episode, lol. Even the background musical choices seemed wrong for ER's standards and too much like a mood was being forced upon viewers.

    However, I must say I liked the "name dropping" of Luka and Carter as a way to keep Luka in our minds and remind us Carter is still in Africa and forshadow his future appearance. I thought it was pretty well done! I also loved Neela mentioning how Pratt helped her when Michael died, and like I already said enjoyed pretty much all of the scenes with Morris in this episode. One of my favorite parts of this episode, however, was Norman, the patient played by Tony Hale (of Arrested Development fame). He was a nice contrast to the angst of Greg dying and his storyline was simple and sweet with a nice happy ending when the woman he wanted to save ended up OK and grateful.

    In general, I say this episode has been done already in my classification of the episode because Season 6's "All in the Family" seemed very familiar throughout the entire episode. In the end Lucy is dead and the whole ER is in Doc Magoo's - similar to Ike's in this episode. In "All in the Family" Carter and Lucy are stabbed and Benton doesn't want to help another patient who desperately needs it because he is too focused on helping Carter (very similar, in my mind, to Abby not focusing on the little girl with cyanide poisoning in this episode because of Pratt). The whole episode didn't seem unique to me.

    I'm sorry if I'm being too harsh. But please let me know if you agree or not, and why! I'd love to get feedback in message form! :D
  • Standard high quality

    ER is a great show. It's more or less consistently a high quality show. This episode has everything that makes ER what it is. Nothing new or interesting here but still great writing, great performances and a teary good bye to a complex and interesting character. A lot of music in this episode, which seems unusual, or maybe it's a symptom of Er's slowly changing style.

    But I must say again, it does all feel a little standard and predictable. I want to see Er push a few new buttons in it's final year. Lets go out on a bang rather than a gurney.

    What a way to start off the final season of e.r.
    it was the saddest episode of e.r. i have ever seen since the departure of dr. greene.
    There were many touching moments in this episode.
    The big 3 scenes for me were when 1- Abby walks in and Dr. pratt is throwing up blood and he has tears coming down his face knowing that he most likely isnt going to make it. 2- When Frank touches Dr.Pratt's shoulders and he almost breaks down. 3- when Morris gives Betina the engagement ring.
    I was so sad to see Pratt go. He was on the show for 8 seasons. Im still in shock and sad about this episode.
  • So this is the final season of ER and man do they start it off with a bang. In one of the saddest episodes of the entire season, the cast bids farewell to a truly great doctor.

    Well this review contains some spoilers, so I don't want people who haven't seen this episode to get mad at me. Anyways, with the Season premiere of most of the new shows in the TV season, Mad Men, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Dancing With the Stars, etc....the last show I thought that would really interest me in it's season premiere would be ER. Well it turned out to be perhaps the best ER season premiere since the days of Greene, and Carter. So in the episode, Pratt gets injured in an explosion and everyone thing looks all well and dandy however, the impact of his injury eventually causes him to become brain dead and eventually after being taken off the monitors he dies. I couldn't believe it when I saw Pratt die, because he was an integral part of the show especially with Goran Visnjic's departure. Then all of a sudden his character gets injured in an explosion and when you think it isn't serious, Pratt's injuries become more apparent and as they treat him they realize they can't help him because he's dead. I was disappointed in Pratt's death and almost cried as they took the gurnee of his body up the elevator to get his organs. This along with the funeral scene in Greene's last episode, and Lucy's death were perhaps the most saddest moments in ER history. Here is Pratt, a cocky doctor who made sure he could do the best for his patients and the most naturally born leader among the new generation of ER doctors. Then all of a sudden he's gone, it's just such a shame. I really liked Pratt and what makes his death sadder is that he never really had that much of speaking time in the episode, within the first 20 minutes the injuries become quite serious. Overall it was a good, sad episode.
  • What a welcome back!

    Man I have missed my ER, and I am so sad to see this be the final year, but what a way to kick start the season. I join many other viewers with the severe disappointment of loosing Pratt. He was becoming an absolute amazing doctor for the team and I felt it shined in this episode. It was such a bitter-sweet moment to hear he would have got the chief position. The two saddest moments for me, was when Chaz tried to stop Morris from taking his monitors off, and when Morris gave Batina her ring, man I couldn't turn the tears off for that part! It all just felt so real for me, that as they were wheeling him upstairs, I kept looking at him as I would someone I had lost, going "wake up, look at you...your fine, get up". I give it an absolute 10, but still I am just so sad to see so many great characters leave when they should be ending it all together! Having watched ER longer than any other series in my life, it's going to be a pretty sad day come the finale!
  • This was a superbly acted and written episode. It was an emotional roller-coaster, and very heartbreaking, but it was fantastic. I hope this epiosde is indicitive of a final season of some of the best ER episodes we've ever had.

    I'm still in absolute shock over Dr. Pratt's death. I had not heard rumors so I was totally blindsided by this episode. I also didn't realize how much I'd come to love the character of Dr. Pratt until this episode, but judging from the immense amount of tears I shed, apparently I'd become quite fond of Dr. Pratt.

    The writing was brilliant, and the acting was superb as usual, but I think all the actors elevated their acting in this episode. The writers did a brilliant job of taking we viewers on a real emotional roller-coaster. At first, when Abby first finds Gregg in the ambulance, he appears only mildly injured. When he was able to get out and walk under his own power, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Then in typical Pratt form, he began giving orders to everyone on how to treat the other victims, and I was even more assured that he was okay. Yes, I was somewhat concerned about the bone sticking out of his leg, but I knew that was not life threatening, so I didn't dwell on it. Then, when he all of the sudden began throwing up blood, I was overcome with a sense of doom - for the first time I realized where this episode might be about to take us.

    The scene in the trauma room, with almost all of the ER doctors and nurses frantically working to try and save Dr. Pratt's life was riveting. My heart just broke for Chas as he watched, helpless, as his beloved brother began to slip away. And when Gregg himself realized the full scope of his critical situation, and the single tear falling down his left cheek was gut-wrenching. When the determination was made that Gregg was brain dead and Dr. Morris reached over the begin removing the monitoring equipment and Chas lunged at him and screamed STOP through his tears, I found myself openly sobbing.

    As the staff began walking Dr. Pratt's gurney to the elevator, taking him up to the OR to harvest his organs, and how everyone in the ER stopped what they were doing and watched - almost as if they were watching a funeral procession passing by, was so beautifully done. With no words being spoken, the message could not have been more clear - Dr. Pratt was not only the heart and soul of the ER, he was respected, revered, and most of all he was loved. And when Frank, tough ex-cop Frank, reached out and touched Gregg's shoulder as if to say I love you and care about you and you are a truly great man and doctor, was touching.

    The scene at Ike's was great, and I was so happy Chas showed - as I expected he would. I love Archie's comment about why Gregg loved fried cheese, and then the trays of fried mozzarella were brought out and he was "toasted" with the gooey cheese sticks, was both funny and fitting.

    I loved the scene where Archie gave Bettina the engagement ring Gregg had purchased the day he died - you could clearly see the pain Bettina was in, but you also really saw the pain Dr. Morris was in and he allowed his tough facade to come down long enough for us to see him as a caring human who had just lost the man he probably considered to be his best friend.

    All in all it was a superbly written and acted episode, and what a way to begin their 15th and final season. It was heartbreaking and I cried buckets of tears, but it was an excellent episode. Dr. Pratt will be sorely missed - and he would have been one heck of an ER Chief. I'm sorry we won't see him in action.
  • Death, love, violence, tears: all are present in this heart wrenching episode of ER and they all remind the viewer of better ER days.

    There have been many sendoffs on ER, some sad, some welcomed. The two deaths that hit me hard were that of Lucy Knight and Dr. Greene, the former b/c it was a character's life cut short and the latter b/c it meant the loss of ER, the true heart of ER. I've cried for shows before, Buffy's death, Prue's funeral, but Dr. Greene's sendoff still makes me sad and I can't hear the reggae version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow without thinking of him. What happened in this episode doesn't come close, primarily b/c I was never a big Pratt fan, but it comes as close as possible b/c of the superb acting on all fronts. I suppose b/c I've become less and less of a fan as the years have gone on since Greene's death that I haven't been as concerned with spoilers. However, I wish I had b/c Pratt's came as such a shock that his tears, his fear just shone through and broke my heart. The reaction of the ER docs was so touching. It brought back memories of my own family members' deaths. Frank, always so caustic, provided the most sweetest grieving as he touches Pratt's soldier and then downs a shot to make Ike's informal memorial service more bearable. Morris having to deal with the loss of his compatriot, Betina learning of Pratt's true intentions, Chaz losing a brother, the list goes on. It was well-written and well-executed. Kudos to ER for making me remember why I still watch ER. I may still not be invested in the characters' lives but you can still wring my heart out with the best of them.
  • After the ambulance has been blown up, Pratt is rushed to the hospital where they fight for his life.

    Oh my God! This was best AND worst episode in a long time! I was basically crying the entire time. Pratt has been a favourite, and seeing him on that table without them beeing able to do anything, and still giving them orders?! It was horrible! And i couldn't take it when the drove him to the OR, such a sad, sad time! He was an amazing caracter for the show. And it is a really awfull thing that he is gone. I'm gonna miss him. All of the good ones are gone, at Pratt going was like the breaking point for me. I'm gonna follow this last season, but it won't be the same without mister Pratt.
  • this was a chilling episode!! To see pratt on the table just brought tears to my eyes. Everyone just stood there like they didnt know what to do and while pratt is hurting he is givng orders! what a great doc! Morris did a good job and so did neela!

    WOW! what a way to begin the end!!!! Pratt just made me cry when he was on the table telling him what they had to do and he was shaking his head with tears falling out! i just broke down and when his brother and everyone was taking him upstairs, i lost it again I was very surprised to see Frank react that way but he should! Pratt was a great doc. he came in cocky but went out with a bang! 8 years, he grew to be a gret doc, of course with the help of Dr Carter!
  • It was continued from last season's er. where we didn't know who went into the ambulence and it turned out to be Dr. Pratt. he came in with extensive injuries and he ended up dying.

    why on earth would start off your last season with one of the saddest episodes that i have seen, and maybe other people. I compared it to the death of dr. green and they let us know that dr. green was going to die but dr. Pratt.... that was unexpected. I loved the episode but i really wished they wouldn't have started the season out with the saddest episode of er that i have seen. I couldn't stop crying. i wonder if this is showing that this whole season and is going to be a tearjerker. i know it is the last season but i want to see some happiness.
  • Everyone realizes who's in the EMT---Pratt. He is rushed back to County, unfortunately, after many complications, Pratt dies from the injuries. it is revealed that he was going to be the next Chief of the ER and that he was going to propose to Bettina.

    The most emotional episode ever and ER at its best ever. The emotional and heart wrenching part was when they were 'walking' him down the hospital hallway one last time and the way everybody stopped what they were doing and watched him being wheeled to the OR, especially Frank, very appropriate way to end the series. everyone telling stories about what he did & how he touched them in their lives in a special way. Morris showing the engagement ring to Pratt's girlfriend was very moving. Morris and Frank, both were taking his death very hard. Will be sorely missed.
  • Oh Dr.Pratt!

    It was really sad to see the tragic beginning of the 15th season. Eventually, Dr. Pratt will not get a job as ER's chief as we hope. Anyway, I wish they will find the new chief soon since this position has been empty for so long.

    I hate the way they killed the main characters off the ER series as much as I love watching this show. I am sure that many of us will miss Mekhi Phifer because he portrayed as Dr. Pratt in the ER for many years.

    Anyhow, we still have to see whether Abby will leave Chicago with Luka or not in later episodes.
  • And I only cried...

    This was awful episode to watch if thinking of emotions. It all looked so promising in the end. After the end of last season, I was sure Pratt will be dead but seeing him there after the explosion, quite alive and not very damaged was so promising and maybe that was the worst part - we had our hopes back. Pratt could make it and the way it all just started to go wrong. I do not even know why.. but I just cried and cried and.. it was just so cruel to watch. I know, I love that kind of ER episodes where there is emotional things, where you feel you are moved but... I do not know.. maybe this was somehow too much. I am not sure but it was just episode you could not forget for long.

    And the scene they are taking Pratt to Or.. it was just.. all those old chars around.. and Pratt has been there so long... Kovac is quite out.. Pratt is out.. there is soon noone left.

    It was amazing episode and if they only could keep that kind of high level...
  • Whoa!

    The season premiere of ER is usually a really good episode, but this episode of ER was probably the best one in a long time. Abby awakens after the explosion to see Pratt sitting in the front seat of the ambulance (so that solves that mystery from last season's cliff-hanger). She rushes over to help him and he is bleeding bad. The word comes into the ER about the explosion and Morris, Gates and Sam go to scene to assist. They get there and see Abby who is already assisting Greg Pratt. We find out Neela and Brenner hooked up finally getting rid of that tension they had between them. We also learn Dubenko quits but sticks around one last time to help with the explosion victims. The whole staff works on Pratt to make sure he survives, and things look good for a moment, but then he takes a turn for the worse and is declared brain dead. Chas, his brother, is reluctant to take anything off of his brother's body but Morris and Abby tell him they have done all they can do. Greg Pratt died in the ER. After eight seasons on ER who thought I would be in tears over Pratt. But he was the character you loved to cheer for. He was a punk when he first came to the ER but Carter mad him go to Africa and he came back a better man, better doctor. Pratt had a good, solid relationship with Bettina and even had the ring to propose to her, even though she had been diagnosed with cancer. After the funeral, Morris gives Bettina the engagement ring that he found in Morris's pocket. The gang all goes to celebrate Dr. Pratt's life at Ike Ryan's where they all share memories of Greg. Only eighteen more episodes to go before the end of the series. How sad, but the end is near! Way to open the season, ER!