Season 15 Episode 1

Life After Death

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on NBC

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  • Amazing!

    This episode of ER picks up seconds after the ambulance exploding in the previous season. We soon see that Sam was not in the ambulance; therefore Pratt must have been in it. We see that Abby is ok, but injured. At first Pratt seems ok, but then they see he was an open fracture on his leg and he starts coughing up blood. Abby has a broken wrist. We learn that there is nothing wrong with Pratt's leg as the bone poking out isn't his. Greg gets worse and as he keeps bleeding from his mouth he starts to cry. They carry out CPR on him. Someone comes down and declares that Pratt's brain has stopped working. But they decide to wait it out and check it again in 4 hours. We learn that Greg carried a donor organ card and Gates asks his brother if that's ok. He says he isn't dead yet. Sam tries to get hold of Greg's girlfriend but she can't. The 4 hours pass and Greg is declared brain dead. As they wheel him through the ER everyone stops. Greg is taking upstairs so they he can donate his organs, to save others. We then jump to one week later. We see most o the ER team returning to work after the funeral. Tina comes in and gives a beautiful speech which made me cry. Morris tells Tina that Greg was going to propose to her and he has the ring which he gives to her. We learn that Greg was going to be offered the job of Chief of the ER. After work everyone from the ER goes to a bar to celebrate Greg and all the good times they had with him. We learn that Greg's organs helped to save 3 people.