Season 15 Episode 1

Life After Death

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on NBC

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  • I think this episode was 'Painful to watch' in a couple of different ways. It was devastating to lose a long standing character like Greg Pratt, but in doing it they poured on syrup by the bucketload.

    I was expecting this episode to be a lot better to be honest. I kept waiting for the emotions to kick in and they never really did. The only bit where I found myself close to tearing up was when Greg was coughing up blood and the tears were rolling down his cheeks. Apart from this I think the episode was over the top and lacking the subtlety that we are used to from ER.

    The episode felt very thin as there was not a lot else going on. There was also not enough of a connection displayed between Greg and the other characters (apart from Morris). When Mark Greene died for example you really saw how it affected the others. Think of Elizabeth, and Carter reading 'the letter'. The best parts where when Pratt was actually awake as when he wasn't, the story was relying soley on the reactions of the others and they weren't really good enough. I was looking round thinking - well how much of a connection did he really have with Sam, Brenner, Gates, Dubenko... I think if Luka had actually been in this episode it might have been better, because he was one of the more long standing characters who had a deeper relationship with Pratt.

    The music was way too heavy handed and I thought when they brought the picture in at the end it was just too sickly. Not to mention the engagement ring and the 'job offer'. Very un-ER.

    The episode didn't utilise the seven years of memories well enough to evoke the emotions and make this a true classic. It's sad that he's gone but it's a shame he couldn't have been given a better send off.
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