Season 13 Episode 20

Lights Out

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2007 on NBC

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  • if they have special episodes.. then this is it...

    ER is not what it used to be and there is no secret on that and maybe this was somehow even symbolic. I adored the final scenes. To have Anspaugh there and we haven't had him around long time.. I think when Romano lost his arm.. then he was.. I am not sure after that. And Luka resigning from chief. And Morris taking up his stand. But Morris is new when compare with Luka. There is very few people who have been long.

    I loved the storyline with the photographer.. The way Sam was involved and the stories she told but mostly.. those photos.
  • The ER is closing down for repairs, but somehow it feels like the end of an era....

    It's only 12 hours left until the ER closes, but Luka hasn't told the the staff yet. When the staff eventually gets their new assignments they are not too happy about it.
    Best story: Photographer Diana (from "Photographs & memories") is getting worse, but doesn't want to get caught in the "hospital vortex". She agrees to a pericenteses, but has bad reaction to blood products. There's nothing more to be done to help her and she can't even get to Costa Rica, a place she has fond memories from, to die there. So she resigns to get sucked into the hospital vortex after all, but Sam takes her home and stays with her – presumably until Diana dies. It's so very sad.......
    Funniest scene: Pratt and Morris being rivals of Bettina's attention.
    Not a minute too soon: Gates disregards Morris' orders on the patient with dislocated sholder, and is sent home. Luka says to Morris "That's the best move you ever made!"
    A noteworthy scene following this is when Abby leans on Luka when arguing with Morris. The prerogative of being the boss' fiancée....
    Weird story: Rivalry in a school orchestra leads to violinist Dimitri being sulphur poisoned, but it turns out to be sickle-cell anemia.
    Melancholic scene: The "This isn't me" scene. As the lights go out when Luka walks away after having resigned as chief, it seems like a symbol of the end of "the Kovac era" on ER, and that makes me feel kind of melancholic .....
  • I hope someone can help...

    ER is one of the best shows on TV. The writing is excellent and I hardly miss a show, however... I watch almost all the time, but missed this episode (Lights Out. I understand there was a man (Jermaine Jackson???) who had a boil, then developed and infection, resulting in paralysis in both his legs. My step-nephew has had a similar infection with paralysis as the man on the show and my stepmom would really like more information about what happened with his character. What happened to the man? If someone could post a summary that would be great! Thank you!
  • Great episode!!

    Great episode! In only 12 hours, a pressured Luka must coordinate the emergency closure of the ER, as the team rallies to make provisions for patients. Chaz is admitted to the ER, worrying Pratt, and Ray is challenged by a young patient. Sam renews her friendship with the photographer Diana, while Gates faces new problems on the father front. At day's end, as the lights go out, Luka makes a pivotal decision about his future.
  • Gates gets what was coming to him and Luka comes to end of the Line as Chief...

    So Anspaugh(excuse me if that's spelt wrong) brought about the closing of the ER, there was pretty drastic clues with several mishaps a certain object falling through the ceiling springs to mind.However I didn't realise that so much pressure was being parted on Luka's shoulder's to prevent the closure.
    It was interesting to watch the ER dealing with patient care even with the threat of closure in 8 hours, just brings about how the ER carries on. It was just so weird to see the Lights go out and not see the bustling of patients and staff!
    So everyone was being posted elsewhere which incurred some humourous scenes with Timmy being sent to the Cafeteria.I liked the input of the line about Abby going to NICU suttle but effective a sly reminder of the past maybe for purposes of future storylines in which it would not be the right place to bring them up ?
    Gates got what was coming to him, I don't particluarly like the guy and I was happy to see that smirk wiped off his face.Morris was spot on and he begins to grow on me i enjoyed watching his little I was right dance type thing.
    Which brings me on too another scene I found hilarious that in which Morris revealed to Luka that Abby was in the room when Gates performed a procedure without orders.Just to see Morris tell Abby he might send her home with Luka standing behind her with a stern look on his face was classic! I always enjoy the slightly of friendly banter between the pair of them!

    Finally a Life changing decision from Luka, resigning as Chief...his reasons were valid and in some ways I think all that pressure was a factor of his decision along with the lack of time with Joe and Abby!
  • Luka makes a big decision

    I don't generally dislike Gates, but he's in the way of my Ray and Neela, so I don't love him either ;-) Plus: he's totally annoying sometimes. He always acts as if he knew everything better and it's so good that Morris finally told him how it is. Tony needs to understand that he can't act like he's the boss... He should rather concentrate that the trouble with his father doesn't scare Sarah away.

    I totally see the big wedding coming. The whole ER dinner thing seems too much like it :-) but I'm so glad that Luka finally decided to be a doctor again and resigned!!!
  • Things are beginning to fall into place...

    A Few Things that Struck me About the Show that I Haven't Forgotten Since Last Week:

    The beautiful story with Sam and Diana(the photographer with terminal Ovarian Cancer). It's so refreshing to see all these new stories for Sam that don't absolutely revolve around her 'troubled' son and whatever boyfriend turns up next.

    Tony: Get a hold of yourself. Your father may be a drunken, good-for-nothing shell of a man...but you cannot solve problems by beating him to a pulp, worse, with a child watching. My respect for you has dipped so unbelievably low that it has fallen within the negative integers.

    Luka and the ER...well, now we see the graceful way in which Luka will be written out of the show this season (if we hadn't already read the spoilers--I hadn't!!) And seeing the staff being temporarily reassigned to other floors and wards, as well as watching the patients being wheeled out to the plaintive song of a single violin...and the lights going out in the ER...*sigh* I don't know, it just kind of left me with an empty, hollow feeling.
  • Morris is THE MAN!Gates starts to get his comeuppance. Sam is destined to come out of her coccoon and emerge the butterfly. Luka goes back to his love.

    Morris made this episode for me! Gate's latest insubordination was the last straw. It's about time someone read him the riot act and put him in his place. I like how Gates had the nerve to go over Morris' head to Luka and how Luka supported Morris. Seems as though Morris is finally getting some respect. Diane made me believe she was genuinely sick. It was good that Sam was able to be there in her hour of need. They seemed like best friends. I'm not exactly sure how their talk about choices fit in but I think Sam is now beginning to understand that she has choices she can make for herself. That she doesn't always need to make sacrifices for others. Maybe she sees she can be happier. I like that Luka is going back to what he loves, being a doctor. It seemed out of character in how/why he resigned. He said the pay is not worh it, yet he didn't get into it for the pay. He chose to be the ER chief because he didn't want an outsider like Clemente coming in to mess things up. He is now opening the ER to that possibility. I would have liked to see him discussing his resignation with Abby. This would prove to me that he is not leaving her out of the loop as he tends to do at times. I can't forget Gates (although I wish I could). How low can he go? Doesn't he have respect for anyone? Doesn't he think of anyone other than himself? Does he even think at all? Tell me he doesn't know his dad is an alcoholic. Tell me he doesn't know better than to leave a child with an alcoholic. Tell me he he can't think of another way to have his dad leave than by throwing bags on him and telling him he's a loser. Didn't he know he stuck a dagger in his dad's heart when he talked about his dad's past? Did he even care? Mike deserved to be treated with some degree of respect he is still Gates' dad even if he is an alcoholic. Tell me Gates' doesn't know better than to fight with his dad in front of Sarah. Too bad Mike didn't beat the living daylights out of Gates. As long as they were fighting anyway, I was cheering for Mike!
  • is er going to end its run at then end f the season?

    What an episode my wife asked me if the show was going to end this year. I said this would have been a good last or next to last episode to conclude with if that were the case. Luka has found that being a boss is not just having the title but being as administrator as well. So the bad little boy comes out and basically says I don't want to play anymore, i just want to be a doctor. Who will the next chief be Morris? Heaven help them. Gage reminds me of another series trapper john md where his asistant was a litle defiant gonzo gage I think his character would be best served to stop being a kid and grow up. great episode.
  • The ER is closiing ....

    i didnt like this epi ..

    it wasnt good ..
    it was so boring, nothing happened ..

    i wanted them to talk more about the wedding ..
    omg , it was to much about Sam and Diana !

    where is Hope ?
    havent seen her for 2 epis now . =S

    I cant wait to next epi. the ER wedding .
    i dont know why they call it the ER wedding , because its not the whole ER's wedding, its Luby's wedding. =S

    maybe because they both has been on ER for a long time , and they been together for a really long time now .
  • Close the ER? Luka resigns? Gates is surprised?

    I am really like the tone and timbre set by the last few episodes and of the three newest we have had, this is probably my least favorite. Not that it didn't have some great moments.... I have been intrigued with what they are doing with Sam's character and story lines. I kinda like her alone...although the loneliness of being alone was the theme of this week's teaser. I was VERY glad to see Diana back. The photographer's story arc was great even though tonight's appearance was sad. I think she has really given Sam a new perspective on her life and relationship with Alex. He is no longer an albatross around her neck as much as someone in her life to care about. Scott Grimes continues to shine as Morris. Loved his verbal smackdown with Gates - who totally had it coming. And it was Morris classic to see that bravaoo and posturing supported by Luka reduced to deflating and stuttering and eventually slinking away when Abby, a mere R2, mildly argued with him about Gates' treatment of the patient. Maybe he would send her home too....just not now. Hee. She WAS standing directly in front of her big bad Croat ER Chief Bossman after all. The hint of a teasing smile on Goran Visnjic's face made the exchange even more endearing. They are missing the mark if they want us to get serious about Pratt and this radiology gal. Zero chemistry there. Maybe they need ot hook him up with Dawn. Liked her tonight. Enjoyed his encounters with Chaz tonight however. And Gates was SURPRISED to find out his daddy-o was drunk with Sarah in the apartment?? Saw that one coming like a lead filled brick. Tony has serious anger management problems. Saw that one coming too. Custody battle is well on it's way. Another lead filled brick. I didn't really get the urgency of closing the ER down. What exactly was THAT all about? Repairs? They had sewage dripping from the ceiling several years ago and still stayed open. And Luka resigned. (The continuity police were sleeping again. Surprise....not! Anspaugh told Luka he had over seen the ER for 20 years but any obsessed ER fan knows that he made his first appearance as a transfer from another hospital in the second episode of the third season...11 years ago.) Walking out of the darkened ER like he did sort of marked the end of an era....and supposedly Goran Visnjic's tenure as a cast regular. Made me sad. But the promos perked me up again. Can't wait till next week!
  • Glad to see Gates knocked down a peg...

    The main plot point of this episode was that the ER was closing for repairs or reconstruction. Did this come out of nowhere because I didn't know it was closing. Anyway, shockingly Gates was my favorite part of the episode. First, he got sent home for defying Morris of all people, then he snapped at Neela (always good for Reela fans), then he got into a fist fight with his father for drinking and driving with Sarah in the car. The only place he seems to have a good handle on things is at home, so good for him. Chaz had a good start as an EMT but then got some alcohol poisoning during hazing. I liked hearing Pratt say, "You wake up or I'm gonna kill you." Sam tried to help that photographer from the previous episode go to Costa Rica to die, but she was too sick, so Sam was nice enough to sit with her at home. On the Reela front, Ray had a great scene with Katie in which she was quite chagrined that he never called her. She actually asked, "Did you start dating Neela?" to which Ray gave no answer but awkwardly grinned. I'm glad to see Ray is going to continue lighting that torch he's holding for Neela. He seems to believe everyone will eventually get what they deserve, "even a girl." Oh yeah, and Kovac is resigning as chief because he doesn't like the administrative stuff...can't blame him. Next week is the wedding episode, I'll probably miss it because my roommate will want to watch that super-marathon-length Grey's Anatomy. Never will live up to ER. Did anyone else notice Dana Snyder from Aqua Teen?
  • The ER must close in 12hrs order to make repairs to remain accredited. Tony blows up more than once. Pratt's lil brother gets hazed. And the photographer returns for her own personal curtain call.

    This is why I have watched from the beginning. Pratt's brother becomes an EMT, then gets hazed by his crew with 15 shots of tequila causing alcohol poisoning. Tony first disobeys Morris' order with a shoulder reduction, and gets sent home, then Morris says he should send Abby home in front of Luka, but of coarse backs his way out of that. Luka's facial expressions were so funny in that scene. The photographer that photographed hospis patients has become the patient, but with plans to die in Costa Rica, but gets sucked into the vortex of a hospital. So Sam takes her home and plays the role of the photographer, documenting the woman's death. It was a sweet, heartwarming part of the episode.

    Once Tony got home early, his Father(Mike) and Sarah come in from the video store, but Mike was drunk like usual. Him and Tony start argueing as Tony packs his stuff and throws it out. Then the fight ensues. What a great episode, and they are not done yet! Never before have I ever teared up with the coming scenes of next weeks show. We all have wanted Abby with Luka after what seven years now? And looks like it's right around the corner. In the end Luka is sick of the management role and resigns as chief of the ER, claiming he just wants to be a doctor...BRAVO!!!
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