Season 1 Episode 13

Long Day's Journey

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 19, 1995 on NBC

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  • Busy day at County General

    Dr. Ross has a hard day at the ER. He sees a boy with cancer, treats a mother who was beaten by her daughter and is beginning to struggle with the fact that his past playboy ways may haunt him forever.

    Susan continues to give Mark the cold shoulder and she has her day with the review board. Her review goes well and her day ends with a surpirsing twist. Carter is beginning to be surpassed by another med student. Another great episode in season 1. Great series. Thursday night TV will never be the same without ER. We miss you already
  • Unexpected things...

    Susan in still not happy that Mark did not helped her and she does not want any more support but she manages to do well in board and as it is teaching hospital - she gets out clean. But.. not too much time later the same doctor is brought to ER with serious condition and there is noone - so Lewis have to handle it and she does well.

    There were many patients and most of them have stunning stories. Like the daughter who very badly hurt her mother.. boy who broken is leg and to be discovered that he has cancer. And then a girl who committed suicide- hard case for Carol

    Beautiful episode.